How To Make Topiary Candy Bouquets

Will you be hosting a banquet involving children? If yes, worry no more about the table centerpieces and even the party favors. A simple project will do perfectly for this purpose. Simply grab a bag of candies and some floral supplies and start creating topiary candy bouquets. Sure enough, everyone in the party will love and appreciate such attraction. So here, follow these steps in creating candy bouquets for any children's party you will be hosting:

  • Prepare a pot for the topiary bouquet. The pot can be a regular flowerpot or a mug depending on your choice. However, take note to buy a mug or pot that matches the theme of the gathering.
  • Prepare other materials to form the topiary. Aside from the pot, purchase a Styrofoam ball, dowel rod, and floral foam. The size of these materials depends on what pot you are starting with for the topiary. For instance, if you will be using a mug, the materials must be smaller.
  • Create the base of the candy bouquet. Cut the foam to a size that will fit the pot of your choice. Then, put the floral foam inside. To make the base sturdier, you can glue the ends of the foam to the pot. Then, find decorative items that you can put over the floral foam to hide it. This can be Spanish moss, shells, dried flowers, shredded papers, and the like.
  • Assemble the rest of the topiary base. Grab the dowel and insert it halfway at the middle of the Styrofoam. Take off the dowel and apply some hot glue into the hole. Reinsert the dowel back once done. Then, insert the other tip of the dowel in the floral foam carefully to finish off your topiary base.
  • Decorate the Styrofoam ball with candies. At this point, you must already have your candies ready. You can play with the candies you choose such as picking specific colors of candy wrappers for your topiary. Then, stick a floral pin right through one of the ends of the candy. Attach this pin to the Styrofoam ball. Do this process until such time that the entire Styrofoam ball is already covered with candies.
  • Dress up the topiary bouquet. Though the candies covering the Styrofoam ball will look great already, it is a great idea to add some finishing touches to the candy bouquet. Use some silk flowers or ribbons to pin in between some candies attached to the Styrofoam balls. Also, tie ribbons around the dowel just below the ball.
  • Disguise the dowel in the topiary bouquet. Though the dowel will appear natural in a bouquet, you can choose to disguise it using some ribbons. You can make the ribbons long enough and curl them falling down from below the ball to the base of the topiary.

Candies are great treats for children. However, you can make them useful pieces in a party before the kids munch over these treats. Create colorful topiary candy bouquets today. They will add more color, appeal, and beauty to any table or party it is being used as decorations. Plus, the child who can get to take home the topiary will surely have a blast after the party.


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