How To Make Valentine Candy Flowers

What is Valentine’s Day without presenting a special someone with flowers and candy? This is a day of love, and what better way to express your feelings than with a gift straight from the heart. Where it has been a tradition to give a bouquet of flowers or a box of candies during this special day, making your own candy flowers will surely capture the heart of the love of your life, knowing that it is your work of love.

Expensive gifts may be appreciated but there is something about personalized gifts that give it more meaning. With a little time and effort, you can come up with a unique gift for Valentine’s Day and make someone very happy. Here are some ideas to make candy flowers for Valentine’s Day.

  • Materials you will need. For your valentine project, you will need A few pieces of round chocolates preferably wrapped up in tin, a pair of scissors, a small glue gun and glue stick, A couple of balloon sticks and caps, some curly ribbons measuring 17 cm, floral tape, non-woven wrappers, scotch tape, a bow, ribbons of about an inch wide, and a few flowerettes.
  • Instructions. The first thing you will need to do is to get your balloon stick and cut it in half. With your glue gun, proceed to glue on the end of your stick onto your balloon cap. Your balloon stick will be your flower’s stem so you must cover it completely with your floral tape, stretching it out well so it reaches to the end of your stem and adheres easily. Make sure that the tape is fully wrapped around the whole length of your stick. Now glue on your wrapped up chocolate onto the wrapper made from paper and continue to glue this on your balloon cap. Take your non-woven paper and cut it into pieces measuring 8x18 cm. Take one piece and wrap it around the cap of the balloon in such a manner that it forms a cone. Keep it securely fastened by using your curly ribbon. Take the ends of the ribbon and curl it up. Glue on a flowerette in between the curls of your ribbon. If you are making a bouquet of candy flowers, simply follow this procedure.
  • Make your candy bouquet. Assemble several pieces of your candy flowers and arrange them to form a pyramid shape. Keep their sticks fastened securely together by taping them up with your scotch tape. Take two sheets of your non-woven wrapper and enfold your candy flowers on them so that creases are created. Take your inch-wide ribbon and tie it around your candy bouquet to keep it secured. Proceed to fasten your bow on top of your ribbon. Include some of your flowerettes onto your bouquet to make it even more attractive.

You can come up with other ideas to use for your candy flowers. Lollipops are good to use for this project as well. Another idea you might want to try is using chocolate kisses to make little roses wrapping up two pieces on cellophane to form your flowers. You can follow the same process to make candy flowers for your bouquet. Add in a personalized Valentine card and you have the perfect gift for your valentine.


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