How To Make Vegetable & Fruit Smoothies

There is no question about the countless health benefits that fruits and vegetables can give. They are so abundantly rich in essential vitamins and minerals that help build up the body’s resistance against various diseases with some being proven to actually cure a great number of ailments. Having a healthy lifestyle means including fruit and vegetables into your daily diet to absorb all of those very essential elements they contain and achieve total well-being. One very delicious way of adding them into your diet is whipping up smoothies. These refreshing concoctions are not only popular with adults but are a great hit with kids too. This is one sure method of getting kids to include fruits and vegetables into their diet as well, and keep them healthy and strong especially during their growing years. Learning how to make your own smoothies give you the advantage of knowing exactly what goes into them and it certainly costs much less. Here are some suggestions to help you out.

  • Basic ingredients of smoothies. To make a great smoothie, the ingredients include fruits, vegetables, yogurt, ice cream or sherbets, juices and ice.
  • Preparing your fruits and vegetables. Remember that your fruits and vegetables must always be raw when preparing your smoothies. Always select the freshest ripe produce that you can. Look out for fruits that have bruised spots or aren’t ripe enough, greens that show signs of wilting, and vegetables that are tough. They will not be able to produce good smoothies. If your produce is not organically grown, it is always best to peel them to avoid ingesting any residue from chemicals usually found on their skin. Cut up your fruits before placing them into your blender to make them much easier to process.
  • Some fruit and vegetable smoothie suggestions. You can make combinations of fruits and vegetables for your smoothie to come up with some great tasting flavors. Try a combination of mangoes with pineapples and ice. These go well with oranges too. Bananas and berries work well together with some yogurt. Blend carrots, apples, and apple juice with ice to make a fruit and vegetable combination. Another combination of fruits and vegetables are tomatoes and peppers with apple juice and ice. Experiment with your ingredients and come up with the flavors you would enjoy.
  • Blending your smoothies. The first ingredients you should place into your blender are your fruits and vegetables. Make sure they are cut up into small pieces. Follow this up by adding in your liquid ingredients. Place your lid on your blender and set it at high speed for about 30 seconds. Check every once in a while to make sure that none of your ingredients are jammed beneath the blender’s blades. Use a spatula to scrape and blend again. Make sure that your mixture is well blended. After this, you can add in your ice two cubes at a time into your blender lid’s opening. Add your cubes of ice only when you hear your blender running smoothly. If you notice that your smoothie’s consistency is too thin, simply add more fruits, veggies, and ice. For a too thick consistency, add more liquid to the smoothie.

The smoothie is simple and quick to prepare. You will surely find some time in a day to prepare it and get a highly nutritious and tasty smoothie the whole family will love.


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