How To Make Whipped Cream Frosting

Desserts, cupcakes, coffee, cakes, brownies, bread, pastries and fruits on their own are very tasty and enjoyable treats. These are the tastes that will make you stop at nothing just to get the fill to beat the craving. These are the tastes that will certainly take away the blues just by the sensation of flavors running on your taste buds. But did you know that these treats can even be more enjoyable?

And to make these treats taste better is very simple and easy to do. Though easy to do, the way to make them tastier is not on the top of your head. But if this added goodness is put on top of your food, the goodness will certainly go up a notch. Here are some tips on how to make whipped cream frosting.

  • The top priority. The idea of treats tasting better is already very inviting. It is so inviting that you cannot wait to grab a taste. For you to get the first taste you have to get the ingredients right. You will be needing two cups of heavy whipping cream. A 1/3 cup of powdered sugar is important. Also prepare 1 ½ teaspoon of bourbon vanilla extract. A teaspoon of almond extract will add to the taste. And a glass mixing bowl will make mixing things easier. A whisk will make mixing faster. Miss one of the ingredients and you will miss a great amount of delight. So take the time out to get the right things and ingredients. If you have everything in order, you are now all set to make whipped cream frosting to top on your food.
  • Go heavy on whipping the whipping cream. To start off this simple recipe, get your heavy whipping cream. And you need to bring it to room temperature. This will help you get the desired volume. And it makes the whipping cream be fluffier easier. And as the whipping cream becomes fluffier it becomes lighter. That means less after taste and more complement to the food that it is topped on.
  • Mix for the whip. The next step will involve pouring in the whipping cream, sugar, vanilla and almond extract into a bowl. There is a trick here that will help blend the taste of the different flavors easier. Put everything in except for the whipping cream. That means you put the whipping cream last. Putting it last makes the tastes blend easier. When you mix the ingredients put some air into it. To do that, mix with large strokes. The air allowed into the mixture will give the mix more volume. Mix for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Chill mix. When you are done mixing, place your mixing bowl in the refrigerator. As soon as it is cold enough, top on any treat as you see fit. This cool mixed topping will certainly add more excitement to your food.

Food, whatever form or type, is tasty and delicious as they are and adding a great topping to it is a great way to add variation and more twists. Create your whipped cream topping now and enjoy.


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