How To Make White Chocolate Buttercream Icing

There is a saying that people use when things go according to their liking and a good twist is added into it. That saying is this simple one that says, “Icing on the cake.” It simply means that the added twist makes the situation much better, way much better. That is based on the fact that the real icing makes any cake better.

Would not it be great if you can make any already great tasting cake much better? And you can do just that by making your own icing that you can use on cakes, breads, pastries, devil’s food, cupcakes, strawberry chiffon, brownies and so much more treats. And this recipe of white chocolate buttercream icing will really take the ‘cake’ when it come making pastries, cakes and other delightful stuff tastier. Here are some tips on how to make white chocolate buttercream icing.

  • Before the icing on the cake. Icing on the cake needs, cake. No cake, no icing. And no ingredients mean no icing. So you have to prepare a little so you can top off that delectable sweet cake with an equally delectable icing. For this recipe, you will need 10 oz. delicious white chocolate. 4 eggs are also in order. A cup of granulated sugar will help you out and a pound of butter to end the list. The list of ingredients is not complicated. A rocket scientist is not needed. All you need is some attention to detail to make sure that each ingredient is fresh and not rotten. When you have completed your list, you are ready to make a great icing. But do not forget the cake or the pastry where you will put the white chocolate buttercream icing.
  • Quality control. Take a look at your white chocolate. Check the label. And read thoroughly the ingredient list. Your white chocolate should have cocoa butter as one of the ingredients listed first. This is a sign that you are using a good quality white chocolate. You can check the label to check the quality or you can take a bite of the white chocolate.
  • White chocolate processing. Get your white chocolate. Put it inside a bowl. Then get a pan and let water simmer in it. Now put the bowl with the white chocolate and put it on top of the pan with simmer with water. Yup, right on it. Be mindful about the water. You should not allow water to get near the chocolate.
  • Beat it. Grab the egg whites. Beat the egg whites. Keep doing so until the soft peaks form. Slowly add the sugar. Do it a bit at a time. The butter should also be added in the same way.
  • Top off the icing topping. For the finishing touch, add the white chocolate that you melted a while ago. Keep the beating going on until the mixture is smooth. And when the mix is smooth, you are all set to bless those cakes with this special icing!

The white chocolate buttercream icing is most certainly a deserving icing to any cake. So grab a cake and make this icing now.


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