How To Make Your Own Essential Oil from Spice

Is it possible to make your own essential oil from spices that are used to add flavor to our dishes? The answer is yes, essential oils may be generated from these spices. Essential oils may be flavored oils. Flavored oils can be used by combining oils and ingredients that go and blend well with them. When you are creative, you can make these things possible.

Homemade essential oils can be extracted from your garden flowers and plants as well as from spices. Here is one way on how you can make your own essential oil from spices:

  1. Gather the spices (e.g., garlic, citrus, cloves, cinnamon barks, vanilla beans, nutmeg seeds, ginger roots, saffron stigma, etc.), which will be used for making your essential oil.
  2. Prepare also the tools to be used, such as jar, mixing bowl, muslin, crock pot, and dark glass jar with stopper.
  3. Puree or pulverize the spices and place it in a muslin cloth bag. Don’t allow the material to fall through the bag so it is best to weave the bag tightly.
  4. Place the tied bag in a pot of boiling distilled water. Reduce the heat to just simmer slowly for 24 hours until the oil rise and develop a skim.
  5. Squeeze the oil from the spices in the cloth bag by dipping and squeezing it into the boiling water.
  6. Collect the oil from the water with a cotton ball and squeeze the ball into the dark glass jar.
  7. Allow any water in the oil to evaporate by placing the glass jar near a window where there is sunlight for a week. When all the water evaporates, only the oil will be retained.
  8. Seal the glass jar with its stopper to keep its strong aroma.

There are other methods of making essential oils from spices. Maceration and enfleurage are two of the sophisticated ones. They are expensive because it takes a lot of time to gather a drop of oil.

Essential oils can also be extracted from flowers and plants. Flowers give fragrance and their oils serve as an important ingredient to perfumes or colognes. When placed in decorated jars or bottles, these perfumes and colognes cost a lot of money

Making essential oils from spices is not a new activity. For thousands of years, their aromatic properties were used in cosmetic as well as medicinal applications. Essential oils from spices are common in kitchens of expensive and extravagant restaurants, while essential oils from flowers and plants are commonly found in spas and in cosmetic manufacturing companies.

Once you discover the steps in making homemade essential oils, you would not like buying the commercially prepared ones anymore. Homemade essential oils from spices may be used for different recipes. Depending on your creativity, your homemade essential oils can help you discover different tastes. Chefs differ from each other by the way they present their own style of food preparation and taste.

We should look at essential oils as an important ingredient or component of anything that we use or need. As such, it is important that we should all know how to make our own essential oil.


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