How To Make Your Own Flavored Coffee Creamer

Coffee can be best enjoyed with a creamer. But using commercial coffee creamers can be satiating and expensive. You can also think of the unhealthy ingredients that they are made of. You can make your own coffee creamer at home with more healthy ingredients plus you can add flavorings to satisfy your taste.

You can follow these simple steps in making your own flavored coffee creamer.

  • Prepare your materials. The ingredients needed in this project are available in an average home so you will not have to get the car keys and go to a supermarket for the ingredients. You are going to need a container with tight seal; a can of sweetened milk, preferably sweetened; a cup of fresh milk and an ounce of almond paste. You can exchange the almond paste for another proportion of hazelnut paste or vanilla extract, depending on the flavor that you want. You may want to use a fork or a whisk for mixing the ingredients together.
  • Put sweetened milk into the bowl. Put approximately one can of condensed, sweetened milk into your bowl or container.
  • Add milk into the bowl. Add a cup of fresh milk into your bowl of condensed, sweetened milk. Mix the liquids together using a fork or a whisk. If you want, you can also use a stirring rod to do this.
  • Add the flavoring into the milk mixture. You can choose from a variety of flavoring. You can add a tablespoon of vanilla extract, an ounce of almond paste, or a half of a pound of hazelnut powder. The flavoring really depends on what flavor your coffee creamer you like. But be sure that you only use one flavoring or else your coffee creamer might taste really weird that you would not be able to enjoy it anymore.
  • Mix well. Be sure that you mix all the ingredients together. You might not be able to enjoy the rich taste of your flavored coffee creamer if the ingredients are not mixed well together.
  • Keep your coffee creamer. Seal tightly the container of your flavored coffee creamer. Be sure that your flavored coffee creamer is placed in the refrigerator. You can store this for up to two weeks in your refrigerator.
  • Add to your brewed coffee of the day. To add to your coffee, you can put in the same proportion as you do with commercial coffee creamer. You can even put more if you want a richer, creamier coffee. You can do this without thinking of spending too much or being unhealthy because you are sure that your homemade coffee creamer is less expensive and the ingredients are healthy.

If you are going to remake your coffee creamer, just be sure that the container that you are going to reuse is cleaned well so that any bits of dried milk or flavoring will be removed so as not to spoil immediately your new coffee creamer. You can also use non-fat milk if you are concerned about your diet.


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