How To Make Your Own Sloppy Joe Spice Mix

One of the most popular lunch foods today is the sloppy Joe. What makes the sloppy Joe so popular is the fact that it is easy to prepare, is packed with plenty of carbohydrates to keep energetic people fueled for the rest of the day, and is quite tasty. Most people make their sloppy Joes using canned spice mixes, but you can also recreate the recipe using ingredients that are already found right in your home. Not only are homemade sloppy Joes much healthier – because there are no preservatives in them – but they are also cheaper. Here’s how.

  • Prepare the ingredients. First of all, you need to chop some onions and some garlic. Three cloves of garlic will be enough. For the onions, you only need half a regular sized onion. Mince these very finely. You will also need someone teaspoon each of cornstarch and of cayenne pepper. Finally, you need half a teaspoon of celery seed and dry mustard and chili powder. If you like your sloppy Joe to be a little spicier, you can add a little bit more chili powder.
  • Mix. Place all of the ingredients in a small bowl and use a spoon to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Make sure that the minced onions and the minced garlic are all covered with the spices. This will help retain the freshness of the onions and the garlic. After you have finished mixing the ingredients, take a small Ziploc bag and place the mix inside the bag. The sloppy Joe mix can be refrigerated for a week or so. With one bag containing these spices, you should be able to make one serving of sloppy Joes.
  • Batches. If you really love sloppy Joes, or if you make sloppy Joes as a backup meal for your children at a school, you should consider making the mix in larger batches. You will use the same ingredients, but you need to multiply the proportions of the ingredients by the number of dishes that you wish to make. As much as possible, you should still store the sloppy Joe mix in individual Ziploc bags, so that you no longer have to measure out just how much you need for each meal.
  • Use. Now that you have the spices for a Sloppy Joe, you can start cooking the dish. To cook the dish, simply heat up a pan and add some oil. Put in eight ounces of tomato paste and a pound of ground beef or ground pork. Mix in all of the contents of one Ziploc bag of your homemade sloppy Joe mix. After the meat has turned brown and has fully cooked, you can transfer the sloppy Joes onto a plate and serve with some rice, vegetables, or potatoes.

With these steps, you should be able to make your own Sloppy Joe spice mix. This mixture tastes exactly like the sloppy Joe spice mixes in the grocery store, but it contains no preservative, and you can rest assured that organic and fresh materials fresh from your own refrigerator were used for the dish.


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