How To Open an Oyster with a Knife

Opening oysters can be a tough task. Oysters can be eaten raw or cooked. They are a great source of nutrients. There are also pearl oysters which can create pearls but most of the pearls produced do not have a great value. If you are a big fan of oysters 'au naturel', you must know how to properly open an oyster so that you won’t have to struggle opening it or accidentally cut your hands with the sharp edges of the shell or the knife.

Here are the steps to opening an oyster with a knife:

  1. Oyster knife. If you regularly eat oysters, it would be advisable that you buy yourself an oyster knife. An oyster knife is a knife specially designed for opening oysters and other types of shellfish. Most oyster knives have a triangular shaped blade so that they can penetrate the shell of the oyster. Aside from the shape of the blade, another quality that an oyster knife has is its blunt point. This reduces the chances of getting hurt while opening oysters.
  2. Cleaning the oyster. Before you even think of opening the oyster, the first thing you have to do is to clean the shell of the oyster. Put the oysters under running water and remove any materials that are stuck on the outside of the oyster. If you have a brush, you can also use this to clean the outside of the oyster. When you have gotten rid of the unwanted materials, use a hand towel or paper towels to pat the oysters dry. You have to do this so that the oyster won’t slip while you’re opening it.
  3. Protection. It would be best that you use gloves when you are opening oysters. This prevents injuries from happening. You can also handle the shell of the oyster better when your hand is protected.
  4. Opening the oyster. Get an oyster and insert the oyster knife near an opening. Insert only about half an inch of the knife in the oyster. The next thing you have to do is to slide the knife through the gap until you reach the other side of the oyster. Once you have gone through the length of the oyster, you can remove the oyster knife and open the oyster with your hands.
  5. Removing the oyster. When the shell is completely opened, you can remove the oyster from the shell by using the oyster knife. Be sure to get all of the oyster meat from the shell. Always remember not to wash the oyster once it has been opened as washing it will remove some of the oyster’s flavor. Some of the best oysters come from Anacortes and Norwalk. Norwalk holds an annual oyster festival.

These are the instructions on how you can open an oyster using a knife. You can also use the oyster knife for opening different types of shelled food, such as mussels and crabs. In buying oysters, always make sure that they are fresh from the ocean so that you don't have to worry about having food poisoning.


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