How To Package & Sell Your Own Food Product

Frozen salmon in the vacuum pack

Your strawberry shortcake may be a hit at parties – why not start making money out of it? Selling food products is a very lucrative business, and there’s always a ready market for it – after all, everybody needs to eat. Do know that apart from ensuring that your clients will receive your product in its best state and quality, you also have to make sure that your food product will never cause sickness in your clients. So if you’re looking to find out how to package and sell your own food product, here are some things you can do:

  1. Read up on food handling and packaging regulations and standards. There are many resources available that will help you find out government-established guidelines for food preparation, handling, and packaging. Guidelines will depend on what type of food product you’d be selling. Some online resources you could check out include and the US Food and Drug Administration website.  Make sure you read up on different relevant topics such as food safety, food ingredients and sanitation.
  2. Select the proper material as your food container. Look around for similar products already being sold in the market, and let this be your guide as to how you will package your own product. Some of the most commonly used materials for packaging include jars, boxes and plastic. In general, your packaging should be watertight, airtight and moisture and grease-resistant. Again, make sure to consult federal guidelines for packaging. Once you’ve got your food product business established, you can make bulk orders from a packaging company for you to get better prices. Establishing rapport with them will also help you score hefty discounts.
  3. Know how to label your product. Labeling the ingredients on your food product in descending order is a federal requirement. Apart from the ingredients, other food information that you must include in the label include whether your food product contains allergens (such as peanuts or milk), the name and address of the manufacturer, and the net amount of food in the package.
  4. Know how to properly clean and seal your food product containers. If you’re going to use jars, for example, you have to make sure to thoroughly clean them before putting in your food product. You should also need to seal the jar container under steam pressure to ensure that it’s truly airtight.
  5. Design your package. It’s important that your packaging is good to look at to make it more appealing to your clients. Ideally, you should consult with a professional designer since apart from the visual aesthetics there are also some psychological aspects to the design that will make customers want to buy your product or avoid it altogether. If you’re just starting up with your business, however, you can easily use tools and programs in your computer to make your own designs. It can be as easy as using Microsoft Word, Paint, or Adobe Photoshop.

There you have it! These are just some tips to help you package and sell your own food product. Just remember that your most important goal is to make sure that your customers keep coming back to have more, and so it’s important that you keep them satisfied and safe as well! Good luck!


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