How To Plan a Great 50th Birthday Party

50 is the new 40. Believe it! When celebrating your 50th, which is a milestone in your life, you should remember to let your hair down and boogie-woogie until you just can’t boogie no more. Enjoy the big Five-O because in the next 10 years it might not be so easy for you to boogie-woogie again.

Okay now you have to get your best friends together to help you plan a 50th birthday party that you will always remember!

Aside from making sure that you, your family, and your guests will feast on your most favorite food throughout the years, here are other details that need attention for planning a great 50th birthday blowout:

  • Location. There are a number of locations that would be great for your party:
    • Your home. You decide if you want it inside or outside your home or both. Depending on the number of guests you wish to share your special day with, you can host your party in your living room and have your guests spill out into the patio, backyard, or garden. If you choose this location you call the shots on everything: food, décor, and time. The downside is unless you have the budget for professional help like catering, decorating, waitress/waiters, etc., this will be a physically and mentally demanding feat to accomplish. This will defeat the purpose of you having the time of your life.
    • Vegas. Like at a VIP room or one of those Vegas restaurants that keep people coming back for more. Vegas is a good location if you’re planning an intimate 50th celebration with family and a few close friends. Prepare to spend because Vegas is all about the money.
    • VIP room at a hot club. Just because you’re 50 doesn’t mean you can’t roll into a club and head straight for a VIP room to dance and dine your birthday until the clock strikes 12! Call ahead of time to make reservations and then talk in terms of birthday packages that will meet your budget.
    • Multiple venues. Party and event planners call this a movable feast or if you’re from across the pond this is what is known as a pub crawl. The idea is to work up a plan and a schedule that will have you, family, and friends meet up at different places for appetizers, dinner, dessert, and coffee. Of all the locations, this is probably the best idea yet that will tickle and excite everyone’s fancy. Again, you will have to call ahead for reservations. Then all you have to do is get fabulously dressed and made up, show up, have fun, and pay for everything!
  • Theme. Woodstock, Disco, Twilight, or 1940s Flapper themes are mighty fine when you are celebrating your 50th birthday at home but if you forego this location and would rather step out of town or go to multiple venues, you can ask your guests to follow a dress code or color theme e.g. black tie for gentlemen and red cocktail dresses for the ladies.
  • Invitations. Technology has made it so easy for you to send out invitations. You can choose to tweet, private message through Facebook, text, or email your invitations to your guests. However, this is your 50th birthday you are talking about so it makes it special. has superbly designed invitations that will match your party theme. The people behind 411 can even make a full-sized cutout of you for your guests to leave their birthday greetings on. Check out the site for inspiration and contact them for help on your party planning.
  • Giveaways. Sure you will get gifts from your guests and of course you are spending on this party but loot bags are essential to sending your guests off with happy and good vibes. Your loot bag doesn’t have to be all glamorous like the ones given out by Vanity Fair at the Oscars. No, Ma’am! A simple wine bottle with your label on it is elegant enough to cap off your 50th.

Do not forget to order a birthday cake. It should be made of your favorite thing like vanilla or chocolate. Have it made as decadent as you like then you can truly say that when you turned 50, you truly had your cake and ate it, too!


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