How To Prepare a Sushi Tuna Roll

A tuna roll, or a tekka maki, is a variation of sushi and is smaller than the traditional sushi size.  It contains raw tuna and is the perfect thing to serve at a party. They're incredibly delicious, healthy, and most importantly, easy to make. Read on for instructions on how to prepare a sushi tuna roll.

  1. You will need 4 cups of sushi rice, 4 sheets of nori or Japanese seaweed, 4 ounces raw tuna sashimi, and a bamboo mat.  Make sure that you buy only sashimi-grade tuna; otherwise, it may not be safe to eat it raw.
  2. Sushi rice is different from normal boiled rice. To make sushi rice, you will need japonica or sushi rice, a short-grained white rice from Japan. Do not use American long-grained rice as this does not contain the right amount of starch to make the rice sticky and glossy. Heat the rice with Japanese rice vinegar, sugar, and salt until they dissolve. Rinse the cooked rice in cold water for several minutes, then steam inside a rice cooker.  You can also bring the water to a boil then add rice; once the rice is in, lower the temperature and cook in low heat until the water evaporates. This creates a sticky rice that will easily spread over the nori. Use the rice soon as it is made, or cover with a damp cloth to maintain its moisture. Never refrigerate cooked rice.
  3. Cover the surface of the bamboo mat with a sheet of plastic.
  4. Place a sheet of nori on the bamboo mat, with the shinier side facedown.
  5. Dampen your hands with water before grabbing the cooked sushi rice and spreading a thin layer of it over the nori. You should still be able to see the nori underneath the rice.
  6. Leave half an inch of space of nori at the edge that's furthest from you and rub in a bit of warm water onto it. The warm water will help the two sides stick together.
  7. Cut the tuna into thin, long sticks, and line them up lengthwise in the middle of the nori.
  8. Hold the closest edge of the bamboo mat and begin rolling the sushi away from you. Slowly tighten the roll as you go, much like you would tighten a rug to minimize extra space. Make sure you do not roll the sushi too tightly, as the tuna might spill out.  Once the roll is tight, it should not fall apart once you unwrap the bamboo.
  9. Further pack in the roll by covering the roll with the bamboo mat and putting pressure on it with the palm of your hand.
  10. Move the full roll onto a cutting board and start slicing, beginning at the middle. From there you can cut the roll into eights or sixths, whichever size you prefer.
  11. Serve in a rectangular plate with soy sauce and wasabi. Smaller plates for the condiments usually come with sushi sets.


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