How To Purchase Buffalo Meat

Most people think of Buffalo, New York when the word buffalo is said. Others may think of the University at Buffalo or SUNY Buffalo. Still, techies may think of the buffalo airstation or the buffalo airport, a high-speed USB adapter. This article is going to talk about buffalo meat.

Buffalo meat can be an alternative for beef. This may be very expensive, but it also comes with some benefits. If you love to eat meat but you are worried about cholesterol, buffalo meat is the answer. It is said that buffalo meat has 50% less cholesterol than beef. Also, buffalo has more amino acids, omega acid, iron and protein. The next time you are craving for a big serving of meat, purchase buffalo meat from the butcher shop and cook it any way you want.

Here are some of the websites where you can purchase buffalo meat:

  1. – This is the website for the Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co. This company has been providing quality meat since 1947. Some of the meat you can purchase here are bison, turkey, elk, beef, chicken and fish. You can buy discounted items for a limited time when you visit the website, so it is good to check back often to see the news. You can order the catalogue for the company to see their products.
  2. – This website offers different meat products. You will be able to purchase hot dogs and sausages, jerky, burgers, steaks, seasoning and more. You are sure to get the best quality of meat as the animals are not raised with the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. This clearance assures that you are getting the best meat. You can learn more about the company by visiting their website.
  3. – This is the website where you can purchase 100% grass fed buffalo meat. Some of the food you can purchase from this website include burgers, steaks, roasts, sausages, bratwursts and other snack foods. You can also look at the recipes on the website to have an idea on how you can cook your meat. You can check out the best sellers of the company so that you can see which products to buy.
  4. – This is the website of Duff Meats. You will be able to buy bison meat and elk meat from this website. Some of their best sellers include elk ground burgers, bison rib eye, bison fillets and buffalo patties. Their meats are fed with grass so you can be assured of the quality. The shipping fee is waived if you purchase products amounting to $150.00 or more.
  5. – This is the website for Cowboy Free Range Meat. Some of the buffalo meat you can purchase from this website are summer sausages, snack sticks, burgers, hot dogs, jerky, rib eye, sirloin, t-bone and tenderloin. You can also purchase turkey, chicken and elk from this website.

These are the websites where you can purchase buffalo meat. It is best to switch to eating buffalo meat rather than beef if you have high cholesterol. Buffalo meat is seen as an acceptable red meat because of its low cholesterol levels. Also, other people who are allergic to other meats can try eating buffalo meat. Make sure that the meat you buy is not grown with fatteners or growth enhancers. These websites only sell grass-fed buffalos so you can get the best quality. You can also visit the Buffalo Museum of Science to know more about recreation and preservation.


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