How To Send Out Graduation Announcements

Share the News of a Major Life Event with Friends and Family

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Graduation announcements are used both to invite people to graduation ceremonies, and to let people know that an acquaintance has graduated. Sending out graduation announcements is easy, and such announcements will be especially appreciated by family friends and more distant relations who might not have been aware of the graduation without announcements.

  1. Decide whether you want invitations or announcements. Graduation invitations are sent out to people whom you would like to invite to attend the graduation. While you can send invitations to people who are unlikely to attend, you may prefer to send announcements in those circumstances so that people do not feel obligated to attend. Announcements can also reduce the stress on people who might feel like you are angling for graduation presents. However, you can also choose to send invitations to everyone.
  2. Order your graduation announcements. Often, the school provides printed graduation announcements and matching envelopes, so all you need to do is specify the number needed. You can also request custom-printed announcements. As a general rule, formal announcements include an announcement, an enclosure envelope, and the mailing envelope. If you order custom announcements, you should border the envelopes and announcement in the school's colors, and you should use formal language in the text of the announcement.  Custom announcements can also be used to provide information about parties or celebrations being held for the graduate.
  3. Send graduation invitations out two weeks before the graduation. Presumably, people who are attending the graduation should already know about it; if you are concerned about giving people enough time to plan, you can use "save the date" cards to alert people to the upcoming event. You can send graduation announcements up to two weeks after the date of the graduation.
  4. Address your graduation announcements correctly. The outer envelope should be formally addressed in blue or black ink, while the inner envelope can have a more casual salutation, like "grandmother" or "aunt." If you wish to include a personal note, enclose it on a separate slip of paper inside the announcement.
  5. Send thank you notes. If anyone sends a card of acknowledgement or a gift, the graduate should send a handwritten thank you note, ideally on personal stationery. Make sure to add a personal note in thank you notes, such as "Dear Aunt Mary: Thank you for your thoughtful graduation gift. I'm sure I will have lots of uses for a gift certificate to the college bookstore! I hope that I will get to see you during the upcoming semester, and that you and Uncle Rob are doing well. Thanks again, Graduate."

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