How To Throw a Great 30th Birthday Party

Turning 30 is something to celebrate. You no longer think from where the sun doesn't shine and you have the freedom to still dress however you like without people raising their eyebrows. Quite frankly your number is still in the calendar and far from over in the mega lotto list of bets! You are definitely not over the hill and your biological clock should certainly not be a cause for worry in this day when women in their 40s and 50s are giving birth to healthy babies! So you see? You have a lot of reasons to get out that party dress and party like it's a sorority night!
Here's how to throw a 30th birthday party bash that's nothing short of great!

  • Google how celebrities do birthdays. Although it wasn't her 30th birthday, more like a 40-something birthday celebration, Jennifer Aniston went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her friends and family to celebrate her birthday. You can do the same even on a budget. In fact, for only $42/night you can have your own villa by a fabulous beachfront and turn 30 while enjoying azure beaches and delicious Mexican and international cuisine. Check this link to get started:
  • Organize a burger, fries, and milkshakes pajama party. Remember when you were a kid and you lived for sleepovers and fast food? How about going back to that place with your closest best friends and do the same over again? Forget about dieting, your birthday is the one day you get to do what you want even foregoing your obsessive calorie count for a really child-like party!
  • Share your blessings with the underprivileged. At one point, did you ever entertain the idea of giving back to the less fortunate? Well, maybe on your 30th birthday, you can organize a birthday party meant to celebrate giving back. You can call a local homeless shelter or a nursing home and ask if you can celebrate your birthday party with perfect strangers who may no longer remembering what it's like to be guests in a birthday party.
  • Contact a birthday party specialist for an upscale party. The birthday party specialist will be able to help you organize this fabulous and decadent birthday party idea. If you have the funds to throw a Moroccan-inspired birthday party or an SATC (Sex and the City) inspired party at penthouse that is all glass-enclosed, a sit-down dinner made by a top chef, with service provided by waiters in tuxes, and overflowing Moet Chandon capped off by three-tiered birthday cake or cupcakes, then you have got yourself a 30th birthday party that will be remembered as a truly incredible night of fine food, champagne, and a to-die-for view of the city.
  • Everything must match. Your invitation, décor, and loot bags must be truly personalized. Think of your 30th birthday as an exercise in good branding and promotion. If you like purple and pink, then own the color scheme and ask a creative person to execute the colors in your birthday bash.
  • Enroll your birthday in a registry. You might be worried that your invited guests will think you are forcing them to buy you gifts from your favorite store when you aren't getting married or having a hen party. Well, here's the thing. If you happen to be moving into a new home or a new apartment coinciding with your birthday, this is where it will make sense. Now it's a double celebration, a housewarming and your birthday. You dig?
  • Divide your birthday into decades. This is sort of an inspired trip-down-memory lane birthday party. Where did you celebrate your 10th birthday? How about your 20th? And now your 30th? Now recreate the memories and scenes from these decades and you have yourself a 30th birthday that people will remember.

Your 30th birthday is special. Even when you no longer have the right to tell people that you are in your late 20s, at least when you turn 30 you can watch their mouth drop when they think you don't look a day over 25. Thank your moisturizer and sunscreen for that! Happy Birthday!


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