How To Throw a Hot Tub Party

Whether you're new in town or you just want to get together with your friends, throwing a hot tub party is a great idea. Your friends will love hanging out in your hot tub, and if you do it right, they'll be raving about your hot tub party for weeks. If you're looking to impress your friends by throwing the ultimate hot tub party, then follow these steps.

Step 1

Get a good hot tub. The hot tub will be the star of the show at your hot tub party, so make sure that you've got a hot tub worth bragging about. The more jets, the better! If you've got the money, built-in radios, televisions and drink coolers will also impress your friends. Once you've secured the ultimate hot tub, give it a good cleaning. Make sure you put the chemicals in early enough that there won't be a chemical smell once your guests arrive. You want them to enjoy the environment and harsh smells won't do much for that. Also, have some towels set out just in case anyone forgets to bring one.

Step 2

Liven up your backyard. Now, all of your guests are not likely going to fit into your hot tub at the same time at your hot tub party. It's probably wishful thinking for some of you, but plan on having only 4-5 guests in the hot tub at any given time. You will need to make your backyard enticing to your guests so that they won't be jealous if they can't be in the tub. Set up a fully stocked outdoor bar. Add tiny strings of lights wherever you can so that the party can extend well beyond daylight. If you've got outdoor games like bocce ball or horseshoes that you think your friends might enjoy, set those up as well. You will need lots of seating too. Arrange little areas where small groups of people can gather. You want to make your backyard as comfortable and inviting as possible. A few tiki torches around your hot tub will add the finishing touches to your hot tub party decorations.

Step 3

Turn on the tunes. Before you guests even arrive, your backyard should look like it's in full swing. The music should be on and it should reflect a little bit of the relaxing mood that is expected at a hot tub party. That doesn't mean you need to play elevator music, but don't choose anything too loud or overbearing. Load your stereo with enough songs so that there is never a quiet moment. (You may also want to consider having a dance area if your friends like to get their groove on).

Step 4

Bring on the grub. It wouldn't be a party without food. And you'll need lots of it. Have lots of munchies placed at different spots in your backyard. And make sure that you set up a few tables within arm's reach of the hot tub so that your friends in the hot tub can nibble too. Throw some burgers and hotdogs on the grill for dinner, and don't stop cooking until you're sure your guests are stuffed. The mark of a good hot tub party host is a satisfied guest. Of course, be sure to offer lots of non-alcoholic options as well for those friends that are driving. And stock up on paper plates, napkins and disposable cups so that cleanup will be a breeze.

Step 5

Let the party begin. The hot tub is ready, the lights are lit and the food is ready to go. Now all you need to do is invite your guests and tell them to bring their bathing suits! Your friends will comment on your efforts to throw a hot tub party that beats all others. And they'll likely start planning the next hot tub party for you!


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