How To Throw a Keg Party

For most college kids one of the most popular forms of parties is a keg party.  It is a time to have all of your friends over, and even some people that are not friends, and get a keg full of beer.  For some reason this mixture never gets old.  There is just something about having a keg around, rather than bottles or cans of beer that gets everyone excited.  Well no matter what it is that is so exciting about it, one thing is for sure, keg parties are here to stay.  This article is tailored towards how to throw a keg party.

Step 1

Invite List.  The first thing you need to do in order to plan for this party is get a list of people you want to invite.  Go ahead and ask most everyone you know, and include in the invitations to bring friends.  The more people the come the merrier.

Step 2

Buy the Kegs.  Once you start to get some feed back as to how many people are coming, you can get an idea of how many kegs you need.  There are different sizes of kegs from pony keg all the way up to a full keg.  The most popular types are either pony or half keg.  There are about 150 beers in a half keg, so that should give you a good idea of how many kegs you will need.  Do remember though that running out of beer at a keg party is a major no no.

Step 3

Location.  Since you are more than likely going to have a bunch of people at this party you will need to find a place that can entertain everyone.  Pick a place that is open enough for everyone to congregate and socialize.

Step 4

Cups.  A very important item to supply for a keg party is the cups.  More than likely no one is going to come prepared with their own cups.  For a keg party you are going to need to buy plenty of plastic cups that you can hand out to people.  Buy well more than the amount of people that are coming. 

Step 5

Ice and Buckets.  One last thing to have for a keg party is ice and buckets.  The ice is used to help keep the kegs cold while they are being used, and the buckets are to hold the ice for the keg.  Place the keg in the bucket and then pour ice around the keg. 

Keg parties are a great time, but remember to drink responsibly. 

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