How To Use a Chocolate Fountain

Strawberry and chocolate fountain

What could be more exciting in a children’s party than dipping strawberries, cookies, candy, or marshmallow into a yummy and creamy cocoa-made dessert? Sounds delicious already, doesn't it? That’s the magic brought by a chocolate fountain. Not only children but also teens and adults enjoy the mere watching of the chocolate fountain.

But do you know the history of this famous party necessity? It was Ben Brisman who invented the machine in the 1920s, and was popularized by Design&Realisation, a Canadian company. It even became more popular when it was used by the company Sephra and Buffet Enhancements in 2004. Though chocolate fountains were for commercial use only in the early years, it was nonetheless popular and in demand. That simple history became even more phenomenal when Hellmann Groups marketed chocolate fountain models for personal use.

Now, let’s get down to business and see how to use a chocolate fountain. Consider pulling out your own chocolate chip cookie recipe to go with this amazingly delicious machine!

  1. Melt the chocolate to be used for the fountain. Some people melt the chocolate using a microwave oven or a double broiler, while some just place a block of chocolate in the reservoir that melts the chocolate. It will be better to use chocolate specially made for chocolate fountains, which should be heavier on cocoa butter. If not, you can buy a special liquid ingredient, like vegetable oil, for better melting. Any type of chocolate can be used like dark chocolates, semi-sweet, flavored, or white as long as it can be melted without changing the chocolate’s flavor.
  2. Check the chocolate fountain parts first. You might have inconsistent chocolate flow if the fountain’s tiers are not leveled or if the table is not sturdy enough. Check all these before pouring the chocolate or before you switch the fountain on.
  3. Turn the chocolate fountain on and start the fun-filled chocolate party. Chocolate fountains lower their temperature to 180 degrees to keep the chocolate melted. You may add additional blocks of chocolate for melting in the reservoir if your chocolate fountain allows that. But that is usually only available for commercial fountain models. What the fountain will do is to draw the chocolate into the center and pull the chocolate to the top. From the top, the chocolate beautifully drips down. That’s the time when your visitors can start dipping into that yummy chocolate.
  4. For that, you can prepare the classic strawberries and cookies. But you may try other delicious desserts also. You can even add some sweet candy, fudge, and other finger foods that can be so luscious when dipped in sweet chocolate.

Some companies offer for-rent chocolate fountains. The rental fee usually comes with a service agent who sets up and operates the machine.

Chocolate fountains can bring a playful ambiance and even sweet aroma to your party. You can try other sweet desserts also like fudge or your own chocolate chip cookie recipe for a more delicious party experience. Besides, what’s important is to provide an enjoyable party for everyone—with or without a chocolate fountain. 


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