How To Use a Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Are you one of those people who have experienced an embarrassing moment because you can’t get a cork out of the bottle with your corkscrew?  Before we actually get to use a corkscrew, we sometimes think how easy it is to use one.  It seems like a no-brainer but there are truths about it that never hit you until that day happens.  You can’t get the cork out or you broke the bottle, regardless of the situation, the corkscrew still has beaten you.

  1. The first thing you need to do is inspect your corkscrew bottle opener.  There are many kinds of corkscrews like the rabbit corkscrew or the Pedrini corkscrew but they all have three basic parts.  It has the handle, which will allow you to push when you insert the screw and pull when you are about to remove the cork.  Next is the screw, which is a rod that is formed to make a helix.  Lastly, the knife tip that will allow you to open the foil packaging that usually covers the rim of the bottle.
  2. What happens next is you will need to remove the foil that is covering the rim of the bottle.  To accomplish this, use the knife tip of your wine opener and cut the foil down its full length on one side.  This will loosen the cover so you can discard it.  You might see that there is too much to be done just to open a bottle of wine when you see that you will still need to open a screw cap before even touching the cork. Unscrew the cap with your trusty hand.
  3. From the ice bucket, place the bottle on an even and well-supported surface to make the bottle stable.  Hold the bottle with one hand and the device on the other.  While making sure that the screw will not be tilting to the sides, position the helix on the top of the cork. This is to avoid cracking the glass of the wine bottle, which could make it brittle. 
  4. Slowly, push the cork down while rotating it clockwise using your palm.  Do not put too much pressure when drilling the screw.  Make sure also that the screw will not bore a hole through the cork to prevent some particles of the cork to fall into the wine.
  5. When you have reached enough depth, do a screwpull slowly but firmly and avoid shaking the bottle too much.  Sometimes, some people forget that wine can buildup pressure when shaken and they would spill their drinks when they would finally get them opened.  To prevent breaking the top of the bottle, gently jimmy the cork out while pulling upwards.  Not only will you prevent breaking the bottle, you will also be allowing some of the pressure to come out of the bottle to reduce the suction from the inside.

To avoid ruining your date or your party, learning how to use a corkscrew is not a bad idea.  Although it is only known to do a single function, it can make changes in your plans that will not be pleasant.


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