How To Keep Ice Cubes Frozen Longer for Your Next Party

Parties can be tiring events to plan, especially if you are doing all of the planning by yourself. There are so many little details that can drive you crazy. Naturally you have to prepare ahead of time in order for you not to be overwhelmed by everything.

As with any good party, you will need food and drinks. Naturally, you would need ice to keep your drinks cold. But you know you have to make your drinks cold enough so when the guests arrive, they will have something cold to drink. You have to prepare your drinks earlier, to make them cold enough to serve when the party starts. No one likes his drinks warm, that would only ruin the party atmosphere and add more stress to your already stressed-out state.

Prepare your drinks hours before the party. So you'll need tons and tons of ice in order to make your drinks cold and ready. But how will you make your ice last over such a long period of time without everything melting?

One thing you can do is to make your ice bigger. Normal sized ice cubes will indeed melt faster. But if you have bigger ice cubes, chances are that they will last longer than those smaller ones. You can make ice not only out of plastic cube trays; you can use bigger muffin trays to make your ice with or you can buy small plastic bags and fill those with water then tie up the end. These will give you big blocks of ice to work with.

You can also use juice cans or soda cans to make ice. Just fill those up and use a plug to bar the hole (in case you use soda cans). Out of those come huge chunks of ice for you to use.

Boil the water and let it cool before you put it into the ice tray. Boiling the water removes the air bubbles, making the ice more solid and making it melt slower than usual.

Try combining the larger pieces of ice with the smaller ones. The bigger ones will make the ice cubes frozen as long as they can last, meaning the smaller cubes will last longer and still can be used for later.

Store your ice inside coolers or Styrofoam containers. These containers keep the temperature inside them constant; meaning that the cold ice will remain cool and thaw slower inside a cool container. To make it even cooler, try putting a towel over the container to lower the temperature inside even more.

Of course you could opt to make tons and tons of ice. Putting them all together in a cooler will make things even colder inside. Chances are they will not thaw as fast and probably would stay frozen for a longer period of time.

Always remember to plan ahead. If you think your ice supply will not last the night, prepare back-up ice just in case you run out. Put the ice in the containers once you see the first batch start to melt.


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