Main Dishes

A good meal is a combination of a lot of things. There are salads, vegetables, ice cold drinks and sinful chocolate desserts, but let's be honest: The main dish is the most important part of any meal.

The main course is the meal that the whole table is waiting for, and everybody wants it to be special. The main dish is usually the dish that takes the most time and effort, so you want to make sure it delivers – and that’s exactly where we can help!

In this section you'll find every kind of main course you can imagine. Everything from simple meat dishes to grilled specialties and complex gourmet concoctions from far-off places. There are dishes that are so easy to prepare that your children could cook them, along with others for much more advanced chefs.

We have exotic dishes using almost any ingredient you can imagine; and if you're on a diet, that's not a problem either. We have plenty of healthy recipes - including low carb recipes - which can help you keep the pounds off while still enjoying a fantastic meal. Whether you're cooking a huge holiday extravaganza or looking for something quick and delicious that you can make after a tough day at the office, we've got you covered.

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    A family favorite that is so easy to make. Use ground meat mixed with rice, barley, pasta or none. Try different colored bell peppers.
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    Do you want ideas for inexpensive vegetarian meals? Find tips for cooking beans and corn. Here’s how to make succotash a true Native American dish.
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    Want to try making gumbo? You must make a proper rue with flour and fat to thicken the mix. Here's how to make the base rue for gumbo.