How To Make Napkin Rings

Napkin and rings design

If you are trying to prepare a special dinner for your family or your girlfriend or boyfriend, or you just don't want your dinner to be boring or redundant, try cooking meals straight from the fancy restaurants. Don't just settle for meatloaf every day; cook some veal why don't you! In fact, make the whole dinner experience feel fancy!

Folded napkins don't only make any kind of dinner much fancier; they add depth, flair and character to your dinner. Napkin rings are a great way to dress up your dinner table.  Be creative and make your own napkin rings. Homemade napkin rings will draw rave reviews from your friends and family members. It is one thing to make your own folded napkins, but go the extra step and make your own napkin rings.

You can opt to make your own napkin rings and these are easy to make. Start by making a tube out of cardboard or get a pre-made cardboard ring. Cover the cardboard ring with any material you feel like using. Simple paper, felt, fake fur or whatever material is at hand. Try to colour it with any colouring materials you have. You can also design the napkin rings with glitter or coloured paper. Your only limitation is your own imagination.

You can also make napkin rings with wires. Buy some colourful plastic wires from your local crafts shop and form or shape into elaborate shapes in order to hold your napkins. You can also pick and choose which colours you think would go great with your napkins at home.

Another creative way to make napkins rings would be to use natural resources like vines or dried straw. Look for a long and sturdy vine you can use (grapevines, creeping vines) and tie off the end of the vines to make the ends of the napkin ring. Make it look better using other natural embellishments like dried flowers or leaves or sprigs of fragrant herbs.

You can also opt to buy pre-made napkin rings and design them yourself. Buy napkin rings from the local crafts shop along with other materials you will need to spruce them up. Paint fresh and funky designs on a pre-made wood napkin ring for a fun and lively effect. Use plastic napkin rings and design them with flowers, buttons, cut out coloured paper and what not. You can also design it in a way so that the napkin rings will go with whatever theme you envisioned for your fancy dinner.

You can also make unique beaded napkin rings. You can also buy the materials needed for these in the local crafts shop. Make a ring out of the bead wire and add your coloured beads as many as you like. Put a hook and a hoop on both ends of the wire so you can have something to take it out and put it back on.

For a more personalized look, you also add a name plate to the napkin rings. Write down the name of your dinner guests for that personalized touch and a cue as to the seating plan!


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