Who Has the Best Pepperoni Pizza?

Pizzaiolos love to refer to their handmade pizzas as the best in town or the country. But when it comes to pepperoni pizza, which stores offer the real deal? Which among the top three bestselling chain stores and restaurants in the country will round off your crust, sauce, toppings and cheese cravings with one sumptuous pan of pepperoni? Or is it a locally known, small town mouth-watering hole that will satisfy your appetite after all? You, the customer, give the verdict.

  1. Papa John’s. Papa John’s pepperoni pizzas are distinctively known for their large diameters – even the smallest can be big for its size. They are also filled with toppings, making them relatively more flavorful than their more popular rivals. Some foodies rate papa pizzas as best-tasting and what with the attractive prices and extra-topping offering! They are also delivered to you the way you want it at the time the crew specifies. Best picks are the Specialty Pizzas: All the Meats and The Works.
  2. Domino’s. Domino’s enters the showdown with its assortment of crusts and plenty toppings. But for meat-lovers, its pepperoni pizzas are incredibly sumptuous. They are the early favorites for pizza connoisseurs and would-have-been favorites for ordinary eaters as well, if not only for their high prices. The chain’s delivery system is nonetheless efficient and effective.
  3. Pizza Hut. For Pizza Hut, it is about having the right packaging and pricing and making quality products. It boasts of its diverse menu of pepperoni pizzas. The restaurant offers every mouth the taste it wants. On a national taste-test level, this establishment beat Domino’s and Papa John’s. Its pizzaiolos create authentic Italian pizzas and sell them for the right prices. Pepperoni pizzas are loaded with two layers of cheese, an all-in-one food combination for just a few dollars. And when it comes to size, they all come in right too.
  4. Other great finds. Check out versions of this Italian food at different pizzerias as well. Of course, there are other noteworthy choices here. Red Baron Pepperoni, which is fire-baked on a French Bread pizza, tastes great because of the baking method used to cook it. From the brick oven side of things, Graziano is open to whet your craving for a fresh and tasty pepperoni. Totinos serves frozen pizza – how is that for a change? If you want your pepperoni pizza the non-traditional way, go for California Pizza Kitchen. As its name suggests, you are bound to experience an American Style of the meaty, saucy, cheesy and crusty fare you have always loved. For a fresh-from-the-oven experience, try Little Caesars, the store that uses everything fresh from the dough to the cheese.

You do not have to taste all of these to be able to take your best pepperoni pizza pick. As you can see, each pizzeria has its own specialty, strengths and weaknesses and a particular say to its own menu. Go for what your craving and your pockets are telling you. Enjoy your pizza!


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