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  • How To Make a Sugar-Free Sports Drink

    Don't have a sugary sports drink after a workout; have fruit and a sugar-free sports drink instead. Learn to make your own sugar-free sports drinks.
  • How To Select a Health Club

    One of the best ways to keep up an exercise regimen is to join a health club where others share your goals and qualified professional instructors keep you focused.
  • How To Do the Sonoma Diet

    The Sonoma diet was developed by Dr. Connie Guttersen. It's a low-fat diet that focuses on making healthy choices.
  • How To Stretch your Quadriceps

    Stretching is the most important step in any exercise program. Follow these simple steps to properly stretch your quadriceps muscles.
  • How To Build Strong Calves

    Building strong calf muscles is an important part in maintaining a healthy stance. Several cardiovascular exercises can help build strong calves.
  • How To Walk

    Walking has been touted as the easiest way to incorporate exercise into anyone's diet and exercise routine. It is low impact and does not require any special equipment.
  • How To Stretch your Back

    The back is prone to injury because it's involved in most movements your body makes. Learn ways to stretch your back to reduce the chance of injury.
  • How To Eat More Vitamin C

    Vitamin C can help with healing and is often recommended to shorten the duration of colds or other illnesses. Learn what fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin C.
  • How To Eat More Vitamin B

    Vitamin B is actually twelve related vitamins, the most common being thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), and folic acid (B9). Learn which foods are high in...
  • How To Eat More Calcium

    Calcium is important for healthy bones and teeth. Read the recommended daily requirements for adults and children, and learn which foods are high in calcium.
  • How To Buy Vitamins

    Vitamin supplements help to ensure you get all vitamins and minerals for optimum health. Read this important information regarding how to buy vitamins.
  • How To Get Six Pack Abs Without Crunches or Sit Ups

    Crunches and sit ups can defiantly be a killer on your low back. Here are some alternatives.
  • How To Do a Military Workout for Abdominals

    The list of exercises that can be performed for a military workout for abdominals is: the sit-up, the crunch, the elevated sit-up, the leg raises, the flutter kick,...
  • How Many Calories Does Muscle Really Burn?

    This is a great question about how many calories are burned by muscle movements and weight training or exercise. There are many answers, but what is the truth?
  • How To Eat More Magnesium

    Insufficient magnesium can lead to migraines, multiple sclerosis, ADD, depression, anxiety, asthma and allergies. Eat magnesium rich foods such as broccoli and nuts,...
  • How To Eat More Vitamin E

    Eating more Vitamin E can improve your immune system and decrease the risk of life threatening diseases. Lists of foods and drinks containing Vitamin E are provided.
  • How To Increase Your Life Hormones

    Here are some tips to increase your testosterone levels with exercise and a good diet.
  • How To Correct Hormone Imbalance

    It's not your fault you're getting fat. Correct hormone imbalance in four easy steps you can start in your own home. Aging is inevitable, but growing OLD is optional.
  • How To Do the Jenny Craig Diet

    The Jenny Craig diet is popular for a reason--its success! Here are tips to following the Jenny Craig diet.
  • How To Tell Others About Your Weight Loss Goals

    Telling others about your weight loss goals can sometimes bring a mixed response. Here's how to tell others about your weight loss plans without putting those plans...
  • How To Create Recipes to Help You Look and Feel Younger

    Creating recipes to help you look and feel younger begins with your favorite source of protein. Protein is an essential nutrient to help your body heal and repair itself.
  • How To Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

    Setting realistic weight loss goals within a realistic schedule will make weight loss easier. Learn the important steps for how to set attainable weight loss goals.
  • How To Lose Weight by Boxing

    Boxing is known as an extreme sport, but not many people know that rigorous training and exercise using this sport can make you lose weight. Boxing is a great way to...
  • How To Body Strength Workouts

    No matter what your exercise goals are, strength training exercises are an important part of your fitness training. Here is how to do body strength workouts.
  • How To Lower Cholesterol Levels

    Here are several ways to lower your cholesterol levels, as well as foods to include in a low cholesterol diet.
  • How To Do The Zone Diet

    Perhaps one of the most popular weight loss programs nowadays is the Zone Diet, popularized by the book, The Zone written by Dr. Barry Sears.
  • How To Lose Weight from Your Arms

    To lose weight from your arms, you need to be working out at least 2-3 times a week specifically on your arms.
  • How To Estimate Serving Sizes

    Weight management requires that you eat healthy food in the right proportions. This guide will help you estimate serving sizes so that you don't overindulge at meals.
  • How To Prevent Overeating

    We are all animals designed to consume food for energy. We need to eat, but in moderation. We don’t have to skip meals (or under eat) we just need to prevent...
  • How To Do the Atkins Diet

    To do the Atkins diet, you will enter a bodily process known as ketosis, a state where the body burns fats as fuel. Insulin production is affected.
  • How To Do the South Beach Diet

    The South Beach Diet is hitting the diet world by storm, and for good reason! You can easily shed many pounds by following the rules outlined below.
  • How To Calculate Your Target Heart Rate

    Knowing your target heart rate will help you ensure that you don't overdo it during your workout. Here is a simple way to calculate your target heart rate.
  • How To Avoid Weight Loss Scams

    Don't fall prey to the thousands of weight loss programs out there that claim to work miracles on your extra inches. Here's what to look for to help you avoid weight...
  • How To Make the Most of a Health Club Membership

    20 million Americans are enrolled in a health club, but half will stop going before their contract ends. Here's how to maximize your own membership.
  • How To Choose a Health Club

    It's not easy to choose a health club, they vary their programs depending on the clients' needs like bodybuilding, exercise, fitness, and weight loss programs.
  • How To Have a Healthy Diet for Heart Care

    Diet is number one in heart health and disease, which is a blessing, because there are plenty of good, tasty, and healthy diets of heart care.
  • How To Buy Traditional Supplements and Vitamins

    Buying traditional supplements and vitamins requires you to know something about them as well as the proper way of taking them. Here are some guidelines to help you.
  • How To Deal with Food Cravings

    Everybody experiences food cravings, but if you're in the middle of a weight-loss program, it's crucial that you find proper ways to deal with these food cravings.
  • How To Cope with Exercise Excuses

    How does one effectively cope with exercise excuses? Here are some things you can remember to counter those commonly used reasons not to exercise:
  • How To Lose Weight Using Exercise Bikes

    The key step to lose weight using an exercise bike is that you actually get started exercising. The hardest part is to start, but once you do you'll just find yourself...
  • How To Choose a Diet Book

    Diet books abound, and some of them seemingly even contradict one another. So how would you choose a diet book that would best work for you?
  • How To Get a Flat Stomach Fast

    If you have a reunion or event coming up, want to show off your stomach at the beach, or are just tired of a flabby stomach, the following will help you get a flat...
  • How To Train for Your First 5k Run

    To train for your first 5k run, create and stick to a plan, don't give up easily, and you'll have your ticket to a successful 5k race.
  • How To Burn Fat

    The key to burning fat is endurance and a healthy diet. Here's how to learn more about burning fat.
  • Benefit from Lecithin

    The most popular source of lecithin today is the soybean. Lecithin is known for improving memory and lowering cholesterol, among other benefits.
  • Get a List of High Protein Foods

    High protein foods include meats, dairy products, nuts, beans, and seeds.
  • How To Benefit from Niacin

    Niacin is a water-soluble vitamin that is a vital component of the human diet. It is also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid and can be found in various plant and...
  • How To Understand Vitamin D Deficiency

    A deficiency in Vitamin D can result in osteoporosis in adults and rickets in children. It can also contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes and memory loss.
  • How To Keep Up Motivation for Weight Loss

    If you're trying to lose weight, you may find it hard to keep up your motivation. Many give up before reaching their weight loss goal because of the difficulties in...
  • How To Benefit from Creatine

    The main benefit of creatine is its body building benefit, which is why most of the muscle building supplements have creatine as the main ingredient.