How To Activate Pain with Pressure Points on the Body

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There are pressure points on the body that activate pain when targeted. This is because of the presence of nerves in the targeted area. Our body reacts naturally to pain and moves away from it when it is hit. This is called the pain withdrawal reflex. Activated pain is seen through this reflex as manifested by a person's reaction.

To learn how to activate pain with pressure points on the body, we have to learn how to locate a pressure point, the manner of stimulating the point and at what angle the pressure point is struck.

If you strike the eyes, it will not only be painful but also cause impairment or worse, blindness. Next pressure point is the nose. To activate pain at the side of the nose, strike it. If you add strength to your strike, it may also cause bleeding or nasal bone fracture. A moderate blow up under the nose can also cause pain and distraction. A heavier strike may cause fracture. You can also activate pain under the chin and side of the jaw. You can find the carotid artery there. A moderate blow causes pain and temporary stunning as this supplies blood to the head. A heavy strike can even cause unconsciousness. If you hit the ears moderately, pain and disorientation will be activated. A heavier strike may injure the inner ear and cause loss of balance. Another pressure point in the ear is the hollow under it. Pressing it with the thumb or knuckle will surely activate pain.

Let us move to the hollow part of the throat. This is the area where the trachea is least protected. Striking this part will be painful and even fatal if done with force. Your larynx can also be found here and striking it can cause extreme pain, gasping for air and choking.

Moving down to your upper body, you can find the pressure points in your clavicle or collar bone and solar plexus. Your clavicle when applied with pressure will cause a person to either move (if you apply pressure from above) downward or (if you poke upwards in the gap between the ear and neck) upwards. This is our natural reaction to pain. A strike to the clavicle can also break bones and disable the arm. Striking the solar plexus can be very painful and disrupt breathing. This is commonly known as "knocking the wind out" and could damage the internal organs.

Another common pressure point where you can activate pain is in your arms. First is your inside elbow part. Striking this will bend the arm and cause pain. The outside elbow joint is another pressure point that when struck could cause painful hyperextension making the arm incapacitated. Another part of the arm is the forearm mound. Pain and numbness will be felt if this is struck or pressed. Striking the wrist could cause bone injury and tremendous pain.

In your lower body, the groin area can also be struck and pressed to result in a pain that incapacitates and possibly creates damage or unconsciousness. Your inner thigh's pressure point can be activated and the result is muscle cramps or numbness of the lower leg. Your knee, ankle and instep are also pressure point areas that can be dislocated and will produce pain when activated.

Be careful in activating pain with pressure points on the body because it is dangerous and could be fatal. Do this only when threatened and in danger. If you want to practice, please do with a lot of caution.


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