How To Find Affordable Managed Health Care Plans in Arizona

Nowadays when economies are not doing well, you tend to overlook a very important thing in your everyday life—your health. It may sound cliché, but the saying “health is wealth” does hold true for all of us. Hence the concept of health care plans was born. With this we would like to impart some useful tips for you to be able to find an affordable private health insurance company in Arizona with the medical plans that you prefer.

Firstly, what is managed health care? Managed health care is a system that actually controls the delivery of health services and the financing to its members who are enrolled in a specific plan. Their goal is to really see to it that their members get the appropriate care within budget at a high-quality environment.

There are three types of managed health care plans and they are:

  1. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) - HMOs are companies that go into contract with physicians, clinics, hospitals and other health professionals to form a “network.” This network will act as a support system that caters to a member’s needs but only accredited healthcare providers and hospitals are accessible to the members so it is limiting but they offer the lowest copayment scheme.
  2. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) - PPOs are like HMOs in the sense that they enter into contracts with the health care providers and hospitals but they are less restrictive than the HMOs. If you don’t go to a doctor or hospital that is within their network, it is allowed, but you’d have to pay as much as 50% of the bill. Yes, they are less restrictive but they require more money from the members.
  3. Point-of-Service Plans (POS) - POSs are a mix of both HMOs and PPOs and in this sense they offer you more flexibility. Similar to HMOs and PPOs, they also enter into contracts with health care providers and hospitals. They encourage you to go to their preferred physician, but it’s not required. Take into consideration that you would be shelling out more money rather than if you go to their accredited physicians or hospitals.

Secondly, now you need to decide what kind of managed health care plan you prefer among the three before choosing a health insurance company. Try and look up It is a good company that has been recognized for their commitment to consumer guidance as well as their technology and they also have certain certifications and accreditations from 3rd party organizations about their standards.

Next, you can check out the Department of Insurance of Arizona at This site is a good source of information for anybody who wants to compare prices and premiums and also check out the insurance companies itself with regard to their services, health benefits, how many complaints they have, discounts that they offer and more. The site is like a one-stop shop of the kind of information that you would need to choose the right health care insurance company in Arizona.

Yes, having a medical insurance plan is an advantage to you and most importantly to the care of your health. So research, compare and then decide.  It may even be worth it to take some classes online - focus on ones that feature health care and insurance rules and regulations. Don’t just go out there and get a health care plan only because your friend or neighbor also got theirs from the same company. Be well informed and choose wisely.  


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