How To Find the Best Facial Scar Treatment

There are different facial scar treatments that are available depending on the severity of the scar. A lot of people gain scars from acne or from accidents. Scars can be unsightly and can decrease a person's self confidence. The different scar treatments are capable of eliminating or lessening the appearance of scars on the face. These treatments are better than using make-up to cover the scars, as the result is permanent.

Here are some of the best facial scar treatments that are available:

  1. Facial Creams. Facial creams are the best acne treatments used for scars that are not so deep. There are different facial creams that are available in the market. Before buying a facial cream, you will have to consult with a dermatologist to make sure that the cream you are going to buy suits the type of your skin. These facial creams do not eliminate the scar completely, but they can lighten the dark spots of the scar and also make the scar less noticeable. Do not use facial creams on scars that are still fresh. Wait for the skin to close up before spreading cream to prevent irritation. This is known as the least expensive method of facial scar treatment.
  2. Laser Scar Treatment. Laser treatment is best for different types of scarring. This method can eliminate scars from wounds and keloids. It removes the scars completely, leaving the skin smooth. A laser skin treatment may have to be repeated several times if the scars are deep. You will have to consult your dermatologist to see if you can undergo laser acne treatment, as you may have some medical conditions or may take some medication that may affect the result of the treatment. Laser treatement for acne is an outpatient procedure and can lessen up to 50% of the scarring after one session. This procedure is considered the most expensive treatment to eliminate facial scarring.
  3. Microderm. Microderm or microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that is used for scar removal. Microdermabrasion is done by rubbing fine crystals into the scarred skin. The rubbing motion helps eliminate the dead skin cells and reveals new skin underneath the dead skin. This procedure is best for people who have only light and shallow facial scars. There are also facial scars that are raised from the skin, such as a keloid. This is also the treatment that is best used for those types of scarring. Before engaging in microdermabrasion, you must consult your dermatologist regarding the effects of the procedure.

These are the best treatments used for facial scarring. The procedure's success depends on the severity of the scar and how you will take of your face. It may also depend on the type of skin the person has. Some people may find that facial creams do the job of eliminating the scar. Other people opt for laser treatment, as facial creams do not work. In any treatment that you are planning to do, you must first consult your dermatologist or doctor to make sure that the method used is safe for you.


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