How To Know What the Best Foods are to Lower Cholesterol

Whenever the topic is health, all the buzz is on cholesterol. Managing cholesterol levels is important no matter how physically active or how young you are.

Cholesterol is an issue being tackled by many health experts and all for the same reasons--cholesterol will cause major health problems, cholesterol can aggravate present health conditions, and because cholesterol issues can easily be resolved. Yes, you read that right. A number of illnesses nowadays are what are called ‘lifestyle diseases'--illnesses that are primarily caused by poor lifestyle choices. Oily, greasy foods are what you consciously order at fast foods and sugary products and items filled with preservatives are what you are used to buying. But choosing a healthier lifestyle is not even half as complicated as what you might think.

Being an informed consumer might be the best way to fight cholesterol. Statistics show that the people who suffering from diseases brought about by cholesterol are getting younger and younger. And despite that these young people are thought of as much healthier, there are still ways to supplement a healthy lifestyle, and eating healthier is one of them.

Here are some of the best foods that are known to lower cholesterol.

  1. Fruits. Fiber is one key component in quickly lowering cholesterol, and fruits are abundant with it. Pick fresh fruits, and if you want to juice, make your own by using a juicer instead of buying juice from the grocery store--they have already been processed, and some of them contain added sugar.
  2. Garlic. With most recipes, there's no such thing as too much garlic. Apart from the flavor, garlic contains compounds that help suppress the formation of cholesterol in the body.
  3. Vegetables. As little as 5 servings per day can help lower cholesterol. You can sneak vegetable into your cholesterol diet easily. Making vegetables your snack or a side dish for lunch or dinner is an easy way for you to get healthy servings of veggies. They also have other vitamins and minerals that help promote a healthier body.
  4. Whole grain bread. Eat whole grain bread items instead of white bread. They help flush out toxins and cholesterol.
  5. Flaxseed oil and nuts. Not only do they help in lowering cholesterol, they also lower blood pressure.
  6. Fish and fish oil. They are high in Omega-3, which helps lower triglycerides.
  7. Wines. Wines are good--in moderation. Consuming moderate amounts, according to studies, lowers the cholesterol ratio in the body.

The key in lowering cholesterol is keeping a commitment to make healthier food choices. Maintenance is important, as you do not want to throw your body off-balance by being in a ‘yo-yo diet'. It's a matter of lifestyle choices that allows you to be better and healthier. The old adage will always be true--Prevention is better than cure. Health concerns, which you may think can be delayed, can easily turn to emotional, physical, social and financial nightmares.

It's a matter of loving yourself and choosing to be better. Knowing how to lower cholesterol levels is easy. It is doing them that sometimes poses a challenge. Change old ways and old habits of just picking things up from the grocery.


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