Finally! Tips to Help You Sleep Comfortably, Night After Night

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There's nothing more frustrating than laying in your bed all night, staring at the ceiling, and struggling to fall asleep. It can be infuriating to the point of hopelessness.

However, not all is lost! We've compiled a list of tips to help you learn how to sleep comfortably night after night. Keep reading for all the details!

1. Get the Temperature Right

Have you ever notice how impossible it is to sleep when you're too hot? Since you're reading this article, we'll assume you have. However, it can be equally difficult to sleep when you're cold.

One of the major factors in learning how to sleep comfortably is learning how to get your night-time temperature right in your room. If you tend to be a bit cold-blooded and can't seem to get warm, invest in a heated blanket with adjustable temperatures. Alternatively, if you sleep hot, make sure you have a fan or window air conditioner specifically for your room.

2. Don't Inadvertently Keep Yourself Up

Many of us make the mistake of unintentionally keeping our brains too active right before bed. While watching your favorite TV show or playing on your phone before bed may be your preferred way to wind down for bed, perhaps it's time to change up your routine. Studies have shown that nighttime screen use stimulates our minds both intellectually and chemically.

3. Make Sure You're Using the Best Pillow and Mattress

Next, while we all know how important proper support in our pillows and mattress is, few of making the effort to ensure we're getting the best. This can lead to recurring nights of discomfort and potentially severe problems in your back and neck. 

Take some time to explore better options, such as the Casper mattress and other ergonomically-friendly options.

4. Find a Bed-Time Ritual

As suggested above playing on your phone and watching TV is probably not the best bed-time ritual to learn how to sleep comfortably and completely. Instead, write a to-do list for the next day to keep it out of your head. You should also lay out your clothes for the next day.

Then, keep the lights down low, stay off your screens, and consider meditating or taking a hot bath to further destress. 

5. Increase Your Activity During the Day

Finally, one of the best things you can do to learn how to sleep comfortably is to become more physically active during the day. Studies show that physical activities reduce stress and anxiety, which can contribute to restless sleeping habits.

Additionally, when you expend more energy throughout the day, you're body will be better primed to sleep. We're not saying you need to start training for a triathlon or start a new career as a bodybuilder. However, resistance training, jogging, and even walking could go a long way towards better sleep.

Looking for Advice on How to Sleep Comfortably?

Learning how to sleep comfortably can take time and may rely on some trial and error. Don't give up! 

Also, be sure to check out the rest of our articles on home-living before you go! We can have lots of advice and information to help you with all of life's situations.


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