How To Find an Eye Doctor for LASIK Surgery

One false move and you might lose your sight. That's how critical choosing an eye doctor is. That is especially true if you choose a vision doctor for LASIK surgery. You may wonder, what LASIK surgeons do. Actually, a LASIK surgeon is an eye physician or eye optometrist whose skills are focused on performing a laser eye surgery. Patients often find this professional in medical hospitals though some good surgeons are based in an eye clinic or eye center. This professional is just like the pediatric optometrist - both have their own specialization. The latter is only for the care of children's eyes.

Compared with any other eye doctor, choosing the best LASIK surgeon can be hard work. If you want to be sure to find an eye doctor that you trust and who would not fail you, then consider the following tips:

  • Trust only a LASIK surgeon with an appropriate license. Doctors should have their license first before being rightfully called a doctor. But sad to say, there are some medical practitioners who just perform operations without validating their credentials to perform a LASIK surgery. Although the professional is excellent, having a license is still the best proof of that. You can check a surgeon's license through the National Practitioner Data Bank.
  • Choose only a LASIK surgeon who has been certified by the appropriate board. Having the certification means that the eye doctor is recognized by a certain body to perform LASIK surgery. Usually, before the board recognizes a professional, he has to first undergo a special training and he should continue improving his specialty through education.
  • Trust only a surgeon with a FACS designation after his name. This means that the surgeon is a "fellow of the American College of Surgeons." If the surgeon is a FACS, then it means that he upholds a very high standard of ethics for his practice.
  • Get a LASIK surgeon with good history of medical practice. Hear what former patients say about the LASIK surgeon. These people are the best source of information if you want to know if this surgeon is competent enough or not.
  • Consider your personal comfort with the LASIK surgeon. Can you comfortably ask questions to your surgeon? If not, then there must be something wrong with your chemistry. Perhaps, you're not comfortable being with the professional. If you or the LASIK surgeon can't adjust to that, you should find another LASIK surgeon with whom you will be more comfortable.
  • Check the LASIK surgeon's equipment. Getting the best results from a LASIK surgery will also be dependent on the doctor's equipment. So it is best that you know if the doctor is able to use the best equipment. Make sure also that the professional's equipment is approved by the FDA.

Eye physician, vision doctor, eye optometrist or even pediatric optometrist - all these professionals exist to care about your eyes. Whether they are based in an eye center, eye clinic or a large medical establishment, they still perform one care for you - the eyes.

But there is only one eye doctor to give you the best LASIK eye surgery - a LASIK surgeon. And this professional can either make or break your vision. So, when choosing one, make sure to be careful and never settle on someone offering the cheapest fee.


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