Fix Blood Sugar Fast: How To Lower Blood Sugar Immediately

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Are you living with high blood sugar?

High blood sugar is one of the most common causes of both types of diabetes. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that 100 million Americans have some type of diabetes.

Whatever medical condition you're dealing with, we understand how uncomfortable having high blood sugar can be. That's why we've created this guide to help you lower your blood sugar levels, and fast!

Read on to learn how to lower blood sugar immediately.

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

Before we dive into how to lower blood sugar immediately, let's review what qualifies as dangerous blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels are above 130 milligrams per deciliter, and it's not because you just ate, your blood sugar levels are too high. Blood sugar levels that rise above 180 milligrams per deciliter (after a meal) are also too high.

Physical Signs of High Blood Sugar

If you suspect your blood sugar's too high, but you don't have a test, check-in with your body. Notice if you have any physical symptoms that indicate high blood sugar levels. Extreme thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, vomiting, and stomach pain, are all signs that your blood sugar's too high.

Long Term Tips for Getting Lower Blood Sugar

There are lifestyle changes you can make to help regulate your blood sugar levels. For example, there's information about Jardiance and it's the ability to help control blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetes. There are also studies about how regularly exercising can regulate blood sugar levels.

However, lifestyle changes aren't an immediate fix. When you suspect your blood sugar levels are too high, you'll want to take immediate action to help your body out.

How to Lower Blood Sugar Immediately 

When you need to lower your sugar levels quickly, insulin is a prime choice. Insulin gives your body the help it needs to transform blood sugars into useful energy.

Speak with your doctor about prescribing you fast-acting insulin. Next, find out how much insulin your doctor recommends taking when blood sugar levels are too high.

After administering the insulin, you'll need to wait about a half-hour before testing your sugar levels again. You'll want to avoid taking too much fast-acting insulin since it can cause your blood sugar levels to go too low.

Hydrate and Urinate

How can drinking water lower your blood sugar levels? It's all about giving your body the hydration it needs!

To get rid of the extra sugar in your system, your body will begin to flush out the sugars through urination. While it's an effective way to lower blood sugar levels, excess urination can also cause dehydration.

By drinking water, you'll be giving your body the hydration it needs to continue flushing out your system. As more glucose (sugar) leaves the blood, your blood sugar levels will begin to stabilize.

Be careful to not drink too much water though. If you're dealing with heart or kidney issues, excess water can make things worse.

Recognize When You're Stressed

When you're stressed out, your body goes through physical changes. One of these changes can be a rise in your blood glucose levels.

Stress and sugar levels correlate because of the hormones your body secretes when stress occurs. The hormones cause blood sugar levels to rise. At the same time, your blood sugar levels are rising, your muscles and fat cells become less receptive to insulin.

Now, your body has excess glucose, and with insulin-resistant body tissues, there's no way to regulate sugar levels. To make matters worse, experiencing hyperglycemia from stress can cause your body to become even more stressed out!

Before you know it, you'll be in a vicious cycle, with blood sugar levels rising higher and higher. A great way to break the stressful cycle is by first realizing you stressed.

Next, remove yourself from the stressful situation. Sometimes acknowledging your stress is powerful enough to help your body and mind calm down.

Breathing Exercises Can Lower Blood Sugar

Now you know that high stress and high blood sugar levels can go hand in hand. One way to lower stress levels is to practice breathing exercises. We'll explain how to do a 5-minute breathing exercise to help lower stress levels, and hopefully bring down your blood sugar levels as well.

First, sit down somewhere comfortable, and look at something with a square shape. If nothing has a square shape, draw a large square on a piece of paper. Once you're sitting down and looking at the square, you're ready to begin:

  • Slowly inhale as your eyes trace the top of the square
  • Hold your breath as your eyes trace the right side of the square
  • Slowly exhale as your eyes trace the bottom of the square
  • Hold your breath as your eyes trace the left side of the square
  • Repeat

We suggest you spend 5 minutes doing the breathing exercise above. If after 5 minutes you still feel a tightness in your body, do another 5 minutes. Finally, check your blood sugar levels again to see how much they've gone down.

Feel Like Yourself Again

There you have it! A few pro tips on how to lower blood sugar immediately. What strategy do you think you'll try first?

Will you try lowering stress levels with breathing exercises? Or perhaps you'll enjoy sipping on a refreshing and hydrating glass of water to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Whatever method you choose, we hope that you feel better and fast! For more ways to feel like yourself again, check out the rest of this site.


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