How To Get the Health Benefits of an Inversion Table

An inversion table is used in inversion therapy. Inversion therapy is the practice of hanging yourself upside down in order to gain therapeutic benefits. This helps the body and the muscles stretch out. It is believed that inversion therapy helps in alleviating back pains or other pains in the lumbar area. Inversion tables are also said to help in increasing the flexibility of a person.

Here are some more health benefits of using an inversion table:

  1. Alleviate Back Pains and Neck Pains. Inversion therapy is ideal for people who have back pains. The therapy works when the person is placed upside down. The gravity pulls the muscles and stretches the backbone as a result of the body being inverted. This will then give relief to the pains that are experienced in the backside. The neck is also stretched when the person gets inverted. This allows the neck to stretch as this is not done when a person is in a standing position. This is especially helpful to older people who have constant back pains.
  2. Improve Blood Circulation and Flexibility. Engaging in inversion therapy also helps in circulating the blood to other areas in the body. The inversion system reduces the stress of the person as the muscles become relaxed when the body is in an upside down position. If you do these inversion exercises daily, you can also expect to be more flexible as the body is stretched.
  3. Train Muscles. When you use a gravity table, you can expect to have toned muscles on your stomach. You can use Teeter inversion to be able to have toned muscles. Having strong abdominal muscles can also help in the spine as they are the ones who support the spine of a person. By using Teeter inversion, you can train your core muscles without having to put much load on the spine.
  4. Balance. You can also use an inversion table when you want to improve your balance and orientation. Seeing the world upside down can definitely help you in your orientation and awareness. By doing inversion table exercises, you will be trained not to feel dizzy when you are in an upside down position. This is best for divers and gymnasts.
  5. Strengthen Ligaments. Another benefit from doing inversion exercises is that your ligaments are strengthened with continued use of the inversion table. Normal movements are not able to exercise the ligaments too much. Ligaments that are not exercised can become stiff. When doing inversion exercises, you will be able to exercise the ligaments when you are put in an upside down positions.

These are some of the benefits of using an inversion table. A lot of athletes make use of an inversion table in order to train their muscles and help them focus. Using an inversion table is a good way for you to exercise your muscles without worrying about straining them too much. When doing inversion exercises, it would be better if you have someone to spot you in case something goes wrong while you are exercising.


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