How Color Affects Our Moods

Feeling like you could use a boost of energy?  Got out of bed feeling kind of sad?  Need to feel cool and confident before clinching that business deal?  Changing your mood can be as simple as changing the colors you surround yourself with, both in your decor and your wardrobe.

The ancient Chinese, Native Americans and Egyptians knew the power of color. They practiced chromotherapy or healing through the use of color and colored light.

  • The color blue inspires trust, confidence and calmness. Why do you think airline pilots and police officers wear blue uniforms? Blue is also a favorite color for business suits because it reflects reliability.  People who wear blue or sit in a room painted blue can actually lower their blood pressure, reduce their appetite and calm their nerves.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum is the color red, representing warmth and energy. Wearing a red outfit can actually help increase your circulation and help you feel excited, motivated and daring.  Red is the most popular color for sports cars because people buy cars in this color to invite a feeling of danger, excitement and adventure into their lives.

  • Green is among the most popular of colors and has a great healing quality to make a person feel renewed, youthful, vigorous and healthy.  Surgical scrubs are traditionally green, and many hospitals use some shades of green in their decor.  Most of nature is green in color, and if you need to change your mood to start feeling rejuvenated, just surround yourself in green by talking a walk in a forest or lush garden, or add a few plants to your home or office.

  • The color yellow inspires happiness, optimism, and hope in a person's mood.  It's the color of sunshine and summer flowers like daisies.  Research studies have proven that hospital patients who receive a bouquet of yellow blossoms actually recuperate faster.

  • The color orange, which was legendary singer Frank Sinatra's favorite color, helps the wearer feel energized. It's also a great attention-getting color, which is why safety vests and safety cones used on the highway employ orange.  It's also a great color for singles to wear at parties, because it tends to attract conversation yet is not as overpowering as red can sometimes be.

  • Black is the color of death, mourning and sadness, which is why depressed people and those who have suffered a death in the family wear black.  Although it can be slimming on the body, black is definitely not the right color to help lift a person's mood up toward cheerfulness and optimism.
  • Want to feel at peace and focus on the simple joys of life? Then white is the right color for your outfit and your environment -- beach house interiors showcase a white motif to help the inhabitants release their worries and stresses for the beachcomber mindset.


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