How Do I Relieve Hand Cramps

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The hands are one of the most frequently used parts of the body. From day to day activities such as cleaning the house to skilled work such as playing instruments or constructing handmade projects, the hands are the primary assets that people use. Because of this, hand cramps can be fairly common. Here’s how you can relieve the cramps easily.

Hot compresses. Applying heat on the affected hand can relieve the pain because heat promotes blood circulation. Blood circulation helps alleviate hand cramps by promoting healing, in case the hands are cramping because of tears in the nerves in the hands or because cuts or wounds. Applying hot compresses can be done through warm towels or simply by soaking the hands in warm water. If possible, you can ask someone to gently massage your hands while soaked in the warm water to further promote blood circulation.

Relaxation. The most frequent cause of hand cramps is stress from repetitive motion. This is the type of hand cramp that hand-skilled workers experience most, such as workers who focus on carpentry, weaving, and other hand-skilled crafts. The easiest solution is to simply allow the hand to de-stress by not using the hands. Remember that the hand is composed of many inter-related muscles. Muscles naturally get cramps when used repetitively. If you use your hands for work, at least be sure to give your hands a break ever few hours to prevent cramps.

Flexing. Sometimes, stretching and flexing the fingers and the muscles in the palm of your hand will help to relieve the cramps. One of the basic hand massages that you can use to flex the muscles in your hands is use your thumb to press all of the sections of the palm. Afterwards, take the fingers one at a time and pull them outwards gently. After pulling each finger, gently bend each finger towards the palm. This, however, will not work if the hands are in too much pain for touch. In this case, use hot compresses instead.

Stress balls. Stress balls and other hand exercise devices are meant to relieve stress in the hands by stressing them and then allowing the hands to relax. You can use stress balls to tone the muscles in your hand and to minimize the tension in your hands. Stress balls are especially useful for musicians who use their hands for specialized hand movements.

Consult a doctor. In some cases, however, hand cramps are not caused by repetitive motion and stressed muscles. In this case, an underlying medical condition may be causing the hand cramps. Talk to your doctor and get a check-up. Sometimes, tears in the ulnar nerves can cause hand cramps. Arthritis may also be caused by arthritis, in which case a doctor can recommend medication to treat arthritis itself, and not just the hand cramps.

Finally, you can also use hand covers and specialized gloves to protect your hands and prevent cramps. With these steps in mind, minimizing hand cramps is possible.


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