How To Acquire Radiant Health through Body Wraps

When it comes to our appearance and health, almost everyone wants to see and feel an improvement. Let’s be honest, it can be frustrating to lose weight on our own. Now you can acquire radiant beauty and health easily through body wraps. Using body wraps to lose unwanted inches is a healthy and fast approach to jump start any weight loss program. Maybe you don’t need to lose weight, maybe you just want to flush your body and become healthier, by simply applying a body wrap, it may be possible to achieve your goal within an hour.

Each wrap kit comes with complete instructions and is easy to do by yourself. You will get a little messy but it is worth every bit of it. Most all wrap kits are applied in the same way. Some may have a few different steps but the general rules are alike. The number one goal for the body wrap is to detoxify your system. After years of exposure to harmful chemicals and environmental toxins our bodies become clogged, making it hard to lose fat from our fat cells. Once the cells are detoxified our bodies can naturally release unwanted fat and inches.

To start your body wrap session you will need to have everything available and plenty of time set aside. It is usually a good idea to plan an hour and half for the session. It is also advised not to drink any alcoholic beverages for three days before and three days after using the wrap to ensure the detoxifying. If you can avoid smoking, it will help considerably. It is important to take your measurements before the sessions so you know how many inches are lost after the session. You will need plenty of wraps, and by using ace bandages you can cut your cost down rather than purchasing expensive body wrap bandages.

In a stainless steel pot pour a gallon of purified or distilled water and bring to a boil. Then add contents of body wrap solution to boiling water, stirring occasionally. Once the mixture begins to foam, reduce the heat for a couple minutes, and then bring back to a boil. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and stir. Let mixture cool until comfortable to the touch.

Soak wraps in solution until completely soaked. Start wrapping from right below the knee up to the neck. You may wear a cotton suit or under garments beneath the wraps. Then cover body wraps with plastic wrap to retain heat. Lie down in a comfortable place and cover yourself with a towel or blanket and rest for 60 minutes. After the 60 minutes you may remove wraps, dry yourself off and retake your measurements to determine total inches lost. It is important to drink plenty of water over the next week.


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