How To Administer an Enema

Performing an enema can have many benefits as it cleanses the colon. Some major surgical procedures also require administration of an enema. If you know how to use a douche, then the enema process will be familiar. They are similar in that they both use a tube, and the only difference is that douche is done by administering water into the vagina instead of into the rectum.

Now, you have two options: let the professionals administer the enema or do the process yourself and reserve your privacy. You may want to use the enema by yourself especially now that the materials needed for the procedure can be easily bought from your nearest drugstore. Included in the things you need for this process are gloves, disposable apron, lubricating solutions, incontinence pads, a jug for warm water, thermometer, prepared solutions, and bedpan. When all the materials are ready, then prepare yourself to move on.

Prepare your body the day before this procedure is done. You need to do this to get the best benefits from enema. To do that, you should eat only a light diet consisting of vegetables and fresh fruits, excluding bananas. You will be advised also to drink distilled water; at least 3 liters.

If you’re ready, here are the steps to administering an enema:

  1. Fill the enema bag with warm water and the solution recommended by the doctor. There is a clamp on the enema kit. Make sure that this clamp is on.
  2. Hold the enema bag while the hose end is down after filling a supply of water into the bag. You can still open the enema clamp to let out air that might cause cramps.
  3. Hang the enema bag at a distance that will be easily reachable. If you are going to administer the enema to yourself, make sure that the bag is not more than 3 feet from your rectum.
  4. You should lie down on your left side while your right leg is pulled up to your chest. Any position will do as long as the you are comfortable and the process can be done without any problems.
  5. Apply a lubricating agent on the enema kit’s nozzle. The anus should also be lubricated with the same agent for smoother insertion of the nozzle tube. The lubricating solutions can be easily applied to the anus by pushing it out.
  6. Insert the nozzle tube into the rectum.
  7. Emit the fluid inside the enema bag by releasing the clamp. Let out all the fluid into the rectum. Breathing through the mouth will help ease the cramps. The clamp can be closed for a while until you do not feel any cramps. The release of fluid should be continued after that.
  8. Carefully remove the nozzle.
  9. Wait for three to five minutes so that the fluid and solutions can react well inside the body. Breathing through the mouth while waiting can help relieve cramps.
  10. Time for evacuation. Using a squatting rather than a sitting position is better because the former puts more pressure on the abdomen, thus helping release of feces.
  11. Clean the enema kit after the process. Whether you keep that or not, cleaning it is still safe and required for hygienic purposes.

Administering an enema is really simple enough to do by yourself. It is still advisable to consult your doctor first before doing this or any other medical procedures.


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