How To Ask Questions on has steadily gained its popularity. It has been visited by people like you who need to be guided or aided in a number of medical issues. Aside from that, the website also maintains discussion boards where questions and concerns raised both by medical professionals and members are posted, tackled, and met. Here are some tips on how you can effectively ask questions on

  • If your questions are diagnostic in nature, don’t expect them to be answered on Bear in mind that is a website. It is not meant to offer you on-line examination. Bluntly put, you can’t expect to answer your specific and personal medical questions. That’s certainly unrealistic. If you want to get a medical opinion about your symptoms, consult a physician.
  • Anyone can answer your question on This is a two-pronged situation. First, you can be lucky. You may get what you need quite quickly. The answer may even come from a medical professional, practitioner, or specialist. Second, you can be unfortunate. You may just get a foolish reply from somebody who is out to pull a prank. Since “anyone” can offer an answer to your question, be more cautious. Get a second opinion or research more. Don’t simply heed the advice. It can hurt you.
  • is great if your question is general in nature. What are some good examples of general questions? You may want to post questions similar to these:  “What is best for fever?”  “What do I get rid of acne?”  “Is diabetes hereditary?”  “How do I know if I am pregnant?” “How do I cure my toothache?”  “How do I lose weight without exercising?”
  • You can raise the general questions in the message boards. Find out who responded to your questions. You may favor the answers given by the designated medical professionals. You may need to weigh the answers shared by the members.
  • has good boards for support groups. You can readily meet members who have similar medical conditions as yours. You can talk about your treatment plans. You can also discuss with the group members your medicines and your other medical options. Members of a particular support group look after each other. You may develop some sort of rapport or relationship with them.
  • has massive medical materials. You can check out the numerous on-line references on different kinds of diseases and other medical problems. You can also get useful information about prescription medicines. All you need to do is to compare and contrast the numerous materials that you accessed to get the right medical perspective.

There are rules that you need to follow when posting your questions on Of course, you are required to open a personal account before you are given the privilege to participate in the website forums. If you are really feeling ill, don’t wait for any medical advice from Go to your doctor or dial 911, if it is really an emergency.


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