How To Avoid BlackBerry Thumb

Developing carpal tunnel or tendonitis on your hand is not a remote possibility when you over use your fingers on using your blackberry mobile phone or any kind of mobile phone for that matter. Doctors call it “BlackBerry thumb.” It is a condition that results from constantly pressing your mobile phones to text or to send email. At first, you will feel a slight discomfort on your thumb and ignoring it would soon lead to its swelling. You will experience some throbbing on your joint ends as well. If you continue to practice the same repetitive manner of typing or pressing your phone, you are most likely to develop this condition and when you do, you may not be able to use your phone at all! Take these careful tips on how to avoid the “blackberry thumb.”

  • Give your fingers the much needed break in between texting and emailing. There are some exercises that you can do with your hands and fingers that will relieve the strain off your fingers. First thing you should do is stop using your phone for about 15 to 20 minutes. After you do so, put down your mobile phone and stretch your fingers wide open and close it tightly. Repeat the open and close exercise about 12 times each hand. After you have stretched your fingers, let it relax on your table to rest for a few minutes.
  • In text messages, it is already acceptable to use abbreviations or short cuts to type a word. The shorter your messages, the less you will use your fingers to press in letters. Use your email features in your phone sparingly, if you can access a computer, do so to write longer messages. You should use only your phone’s email features in the event that you really need to send out an important email. If it is of less importance, hold it off until you can get to a computer.
  • One of the things that can affect your fingers is the grip that you adapt while using your mobile phone. The added strain by using your fingers to hold the unit as well can cause this condition. What you can do is to find a neutral grip that your phone actually rests on your palm. You can use your phone by laying it on a table or a briefcase while pressing the keys.
  • If you begin to feel some pain on your fingers, stop using your phone and take some time to rub your fingers. Let your blood circulate properly before you start using them again.
  • If you can avoid using the same fingers or thumb to type in letters, do so. Alternate your fingers to give your thumb a much needed rest.

Developing tendonitis or carpal tunnel is a nuisance to your daily life. You can hardly hold things together with your hands because it hurts or worse, you will be required to wear a cast or any splint to avoid your hand getting moved around too much. It will be better to take precautionary measures to avoid the condition than having to suffer it.


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