How To Avoid Bladder Stones

The formation of bladder stones is caused by a lot of factors, such as urinary tract infections, enlarged prostate, or nerve damage, resulting in the crystallization of concentrated urine that blocks the bladder ducts. The worse cases of bladder stones could lead to abdominal pains, and can even cause blood to appear in the urine of the person afflicted with the condition.

Having bladder stones is never a good experience to encounter. Fortunately for you, there are ways for you to keep bladder stones from forming. Just follow these simple hints and tips and you should be able to protect your bladder with no problems.

  1. Water therapy. Drinking a lot of water is actually one of the ways that you can use to help reduce the chances of these bladder stones from forming. One of the main causes of bladder stones formation is actually the low kidney fluid levels. If you do not have the necessary water fluid levels in your kidney, then it would not be able to properly dilute the high concentration of urine, hence, the formation and crystallization of these bladders stones. Prevent this by drinking plenty of water.
  2. Avoid fatty diets. Eating a lot of fatty and oily foods can have an adverse effect on your kidneys, which means that you could experience some problems in your kidneys’ normal bodily function. As a result, your kidneys might not be able to function normally, especially in clearing and diluting the high concentration of urine. Eating healthier types of food, such as vegetables and fresh fruits, can help cleanse your system, which could ultimately help prevent the crystallization and formation of bladder stones.
  3. Herbal tea therapy. Certain herbal teas in the market today have qualities that allow them to dissolve the crystallized bladder stones. Drinking these herbal teas, such as hydrangea, gravel and stone root teas, not only allows you to dissolve bladder stones, but also promotes other health benefits that you might like.
  4. Cranberry juice. Drinking cranberry juice can help your body eliminate and prevent bacterial growth in your bladder, thereby reducing the chances of any urinary tract infections from forming. Cranberry juice also prevents microbes from attaching themselves to the tissues on the bladder, making it difficult for microbes and bacteria to proliferate. This means that there are fewer chances for your bladder and kidney to experience any infection, thereby avoiding any abnormal functions that could ultimately lead to the formation of bladder stones.
  5. Prostate exam. Enlarged prostates are considered to be one of the main causes of bladder stones, so early detection and diagnosis of this condition by means of certain medical examinations like prostate exams will allow for early treatment of the condition. Once the condition is treated, there is now less chances for bladder stones to crystallize and form.

Avoiding bladder stones are not that difficult to do, especially if you know exactly what to do to avoid them. Just follow these simple hints and tips and you should be able to do just that.


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