How To Avoid Carpel Tunnel

The nerve disorder called carpel tunnel affects your hands, causing them to feel pain and numbness. If you are a person who is constantly performing repetitive hand movements, such as when using a computer for work, then you might be in danger of getting carpel tunnel. The problem with carpel tunnel is that you do not notice it immediately, but once you do, it is usually in its late stages already, which means that you end up simply living with the disorder than treating it.

If you want to learn how to avoid this disorder, then all you need to do is follow these simple tips, and you should be able to do just that.

  1. Listen to your body. Your body will let you know if it is experiencing something that is actually going to affect you in a negative way. If your body is experiencing pain, then that is a clear indicator that you need to put a stop to what you are doing. Once your body experiences pain, it means that it is doing something that you may not want to do more of. Like when your fingers or hands start to become numb after slaving over a report for hours or working on a hobby that is hand-intensive, then you should probably heed that as a warning that your hands and fingers need time to recuperate and relax. Continuing with your activity can cause the numbness to worsen.
  2. Vary your activity. If doing a particular thing, such as typing or any hand intensive hobby, is causing you pain in your hands and fingers, then it is a sign that you should stop exactly what you are doing and try to do it in another way. When we say stop what you are doing, you do not necessarily avoid the activity completely, especially if it is your livelihood or job to perform those activities, such as typing. What you can do, however, is simply avoid doing the activity in the exact same manner that you did it when you experienced the pain. So instead of holding the mouse or pounding on the keys in the same way, try to do it in a manner that causes you to experience less or no pain. Rearrange your work place. Place your mouse on another area of your table. These small variations can actually make a big difference in avoiding carpel tunnel.
  3. Give your body time to relax. One way that you can avoid carpel tunnel is by giving your body enough time to rest and relax. You can do this by taking breaks in between your work, especially on those works that are very repetitive. Stand up. Walk around. Allow your hands and fingers to loosen up in order to avoid muscle tension.
  4. Stretch and warm up. Doing some form of warm up exercises and stretching can help you avoid any muscle tension that could build up on your hands and fingers as you do your work. This also helps prepare your hands and fingers for the hand-intensive activity that you are about to undertake.

Doing these things will help you avoid carpel tunnel, especially if you are involved in a lot of hand-intensive activities.


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