How To Avoid Nightmares

Is there a real cause for being scared out of your wits while you are sleeping?

Speaking from personal experience, I've had some really horrible nightmares.  They made me not want to close my eyes again.  Of course that's crazy, no matter how hard you fight to stay awake, eventually you will fall asleep.  Instead of depriving yourself of sleep, something we all need to survive, let’s find ways to overcome it.  Here are a few things that would cause you to have nightmares and a few tips to help you prevent them.

  • Stress at work or at home we all have to deal with that, an argument with your spouse or boss.
  • Trying to balance your check book, bill collectors.  That would give anyone a bad dream.
  • Don't watch anything depressing before bed, especially a horror movie, and don't go to sleep with the TV on.  Because whatever comes on could cause you to have nightmares while you are sleeping even though you are not watching it.
  • This is one mistake that lots of us make, eating a big meal right before bed.  You remember you mom telling you don't eat too much before bed; you are going to have a bad dream.  That food is chasing you, you should listen.
  • Maybe you treated someone in a way you wouldn't like to be treated and it made you feel really bad, to the point it's always on your mind.

Now here are some things you can do to give you a peaceful and restful night.

  • Try yoga to relax your mind and put your thoughts at ease.
  • Take a hot bath while sipping on some tea or maybe even a mild glass of wine
  • Listen to some soft music or nature sounds.
  • If you have arguments with your spouse don’t go to bed angry, make peace before you do. Learn to apologize your subconscious is a powerful thing.
  • Read a good book, something uplifting and not scary.
  • Drink a warm glass of milk or add some chocolate to it.
  • We all have been chased by the bill collectors, at some point.   Don't let it get you to down, where it's always on your mind, you will get passed it.

We all have nightmares and it makes us wonder why.  Half the time we don't even remember what they were about.  All we know is that we were being chased or something and we woke up in a sweat.  They never make any sense.  The next time you have one try your best to remember all of the details, write them down.  Then think about what is going on in your life, which probably caused that nightmare.  Then do whatever you can to correct the situation.


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