How To Beat Stress

Stress is a very big problem for some people. Although some people think it is a part of everyday life, there are some ways to beat it. Stress is actually our natural response to threat. The body releases many different hormones so your body can act accordingly. A few hormones your body releases are adrenaline and cortisoll. These can let you do things you wouldn’t normally be able to handle. However, the hormone cortisoll increases your appetite. Adrenaline also takes a toll on your body, because after the initial dose, you body will go back to its normal functions. These hormones cause the usual effects of stress: overeating, anxiety, dizziness, overeating, panic attacks, irritability, and in some cases, palpitations. All these symptoms can really put your body at risk after long periods of time.

Here are some tips on how to beat stress:

Take the time to relax. This is the most important and effective tip to help beat stress. Taking a little time off everyday can help you think clearly and can help your body retain its normal functions. Take a few minutes each day to turn off all your gadgets - this means the computer, television, cellular phones and pagers. This gives you time to reconnect with yourself and spend some time in peace and quiet. Get into a few breathing exercises to help you relax. You can also choose to do yoga, to help you find balance. Each person is different, so do what you need to do and make time for yourself!

Do what you want. Consider this: do you feel stressed when you are happy? If you’re doing what you love doing, then you won’t get stressed. Take up that hobby you’ve been planning for a long time now. Your job can give you a lot of stress that it is sometimes easy to forget why you took it in the first place! When you’re doing what you love, you can easily go through the day, stress-free.

Do a little aromatherapy once in a while (yes, even in your office). Our sense of smell is a wonderful thing. What we smell affects our mood and emotions daily. Try lighting a little bit of incense or heating up some oil. Lavender is great for relaxing. Tea is a great alternative if you’re on the go. Doing some aromatherapy in the office will greatly increase the efficiency in the workplace because it will reduce stress of all your officemates. Remember that if you are surrounded by people who are stressed, chances are, you will get stressed yourself.

Crying and laughing can be very therapeutic. According to various research, crying releases energy from your body, thus reducing stress. Your heart muscles will start to relax, and delivers more oxygen to your brain, helping you think better. The next time you feel the need to cry, don’t fight it. It can reduce your stress greatly. On the other hand, laughing stimulates the release of endorphins, which make you feel better. It relaxes the body and mind, thus reducing stress.

Beating stress has never been easier. Follow these simple steps and beat stress for good!


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