How To Boost Your Immune System with a Saltwater Flush

You must strengthen your immune system because it shields your body from contacting diseases. The toxins in your body accumulate everyday because of your food intake so there’s a need to clean your digestive track to improve your immunity. You can clean your entire digestive system through saltwater flush to keep your body healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Saltwater Flush Benefits

Enemas or prescription laxatives will only clean a small part of your colon while saltwater flush will clean your whole digestive tract. Some distinguish saltwater flush benefits are enhanced appetite, smoother skin, improved digestion, and a better night’s sleep. Unlike colon cleanse, there are no side effects in using saltwater flush. Many users and experts agree that saltwater flush is much effective and safe in contrast to colon cleansing. Saltwater flush also treats cold, high blood pressure, fever, and other degenerative illnesses. Saltwater flush is also cheap and comfortable because you can do it at your own home without your physician’s consent because it is proven safe.

Tips and Instructions on How to Boost Your Immune System with a Saltwater Flush

  • Empty your stomach 8 hours before you take a saltwater flush solution. It is advisable to drink a saltwater flush solution in the morning during your free day so you will be comfortable because expect that you’ll go to the comfort room a few times for the entire day. For effective results, sip herbal tea the night before and skip a meal before performing saltwater flush.
  • Prepare your saltwater flush solution. Prepare filtered water (2 quartz), sea salt (2 tablespoons), lukewarm filter water (1 liter) and a canister. Don’t use table salt. You can add lemon juice for flavor. Dissolve the salt completely before drinking the solution. Drink the solution fast and straight.
  • What to expect and what to do after you drink your saltwater flush solution. Expect that your bowel movements will be watery and you’ll experience it within an hour after drinking a saltwater flush solution. On your right side, lie down and rub your stomach so your body waste will break up. You can also perform stretching exercises to stimulate defecation. The frequency of your bowel movement will depend on the quantity of the saltwater flush that you’ll take. Prepare yourself because you might vomit, so it’s better if you’re near a toilet when taking a saltwater flush solution.
  • Make another saltwater flush solution if you don’t experience any bowel movement in two hours after taking the solution. Increase the salt content this time around.

You can perform saltwater flush alone or combine it with other colon cleansing methods. Mostly, saltwater flush is a part of a master cleanse diet scheme. Don’t perform saltwater flush if you are suffering from severe appendicitis, intestinal tuberculosis or chronic ulcer.

To boost your immune system thoroughly, don’t forget to exercise regularly, have a healthy diet, have at least 8 hours of sleep nightly, and don’t forget to meditate and have good thoughts to avoid stress and feel internal happiness. And don’t forget that the maintenance of your digestive tract and immunity is of much importance. Keep yourself healthy. Remember that prevention is better than the cure.


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