How To Build a List of Doctors

Building a list of doctors is an extremely helpful way to ensure quick look ups in case of emergencies.  It can also be a tool to find doctors for business purposes.  Either way, it is something that is truly useful to both personal or work life.  However, you have to understand that this is not just any other list that you are making like your weekly grocery lists or your daily to-do-things reminders.  Time and a serious amount of effort is needed to ensure the reliability of its contents.  It is crucial to be as organized as possible in every detail.  So put on your glasses and start reading more on how to build a list of doctors.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to allot a specific day and time to create a list of doctors.  Make sure it is quiet and you are undisturbed so that you can give your one hundred percent attention to what you are doing.  This will ensure the quality of your list.
  2. Once you already have a haven for you to use, it is now time to prepare the necessary materials needed.  This includes, but is not limited to phone books, insurance plans, a computer with an Internet access, a program where you can create spreadsheets (like Excel for Windows) or an organizer where you can manually write your lists.  You will be needing these for researching doctors, hospitals, companies, etc and documenting whatever you have incurred.
  3. If you are using a computer, start creating a spreadsheet or a draw a table of some sort if you decide to manually write it on your organizer.  This is the time where you need to plan and be organized.  You need to create headings that include the doctor's name, hospital, doctor's specialty, location, complete contact information (like business address, phone and fax numbers, email address, website and mobile number if you available), business hours, your purpose (clearly state if its for business or personal use) and if that certain doctor is part of an insurance plan or not. 
  4. When you are done making your own spreadsheet with required headings, you can start checking insurance plans.  Make a list of all participating doctors and add it accordingly to your table.
  5. Next stop is to browse your phone books.  Add all doctors that you can find on the list.  Again, make sure you appropriately append it on the spreadsheet.
  6. When you are fully satisfied that you have everything that you need on your list of doctors, do a background check.  Call each doctor and verify the information that you have.  Cross out the ones who are not practicing anymore.  Make sure you double check the website and company. 
  7. Finally, always remember to update your list at least once in every three months to ensure that all doctors are still in practice.

Building a list can be tedious but it surely is worth it as soon as you get the job done.  The key is to be systematic in every contingent that is included in the list.  This will avoid confusion and it will make your search quick and effective.


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