How To Burn More Fat by Eating High Thermic Foods

Having more than enough fat in the body is a serious problem for most people. Exercise is of course the best solution, but it should go with the proper diet or a healthy lifestyle. One solution is eating high thermic foods. High thermic foods are foods that you eat but you need more energy to process them than you take in. If you eat more high thermic foods then you decrease the chances of packing on more pounds. You can burn more fat doing this. Just read on.

  1. Protein rich foods give the highest thermic effect. They quicken your metabolism and promotes the strengthening of muscles. One good example is chicken. Stay away from fried chicken. Stick with broiled, baked with the skin off. If cooked right you can get the full benefit of its nutrients. If you are a red meat fan, always go for lean cuts. They get rid of fat you do not want your body to be dealing with.
  2. Eat fruits, An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is rich in fiber. It speeds up your metabolism and gives you essential vitamins that are good for your body. Something that should also go on your grocery list are oranges, pineapples and lemons. These are fruits that can increase your energy, improve your nervous system and gives your body vitamins to fight against diseases.
  3. Be a salad fan, instead of reaching for that bag of potato chips with the creamy dip. Have salad ready in your fridge and avoid using heavy creams. Stick with carrot sticks, broccoli then drizzle with a bit of olive oil or vinaigrette.
  4. Know the oil that you use. Garlic oil, canola oil and extra virgin olive oil are good in mixing with your dish. It makes you burn fat faster. Some even say drinking a spoonful of olive oil a day can make you healthier.
  5. Drink milk. A glass of milk in the morning or before you go to sleep can make a difference when you get older. It strengthens bones and makes you burn fat faster. Just get skim or non fat milk that you can drink straight from a glass or mixed in any recipe you got.
  6. Eggs are a breakfast favorite. Omelettes can be made skipping the yolk thus making it healthier to eat. So for your next breakfast, just use some herbs like basil to sprinkle on your scrambled eggs.
  7. Eat beans. Beans are not exactly everyone’s favorite but eat a few in a week Mix it with rice or a couple of potato strips and stay healthy.
  8. Do not overdo it. Anything in excess is not good for your body. Eat in portions—just enough to keep you full till next mealtime.

There are a number of ways that you can burn more fat, if you eat high thermic foods then you are off to a great start. Just remember that eating these types of foods is not the only solution. You have to start exercising and stop overeating. Discipline is important and choosing the right quality foods.


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