How To Burn Off the Weight with Simple Exercises

Forget about Atkins, South Beach Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, The Three Day Diet, and all other fad diets that will never work precisely. Somehow you’ll notice that extra pounds were shed off with the help of these fad diets, but we all know that this isn’t healthy. Depriving yourself from eating is not a good idea.

Learn by heart that our body needs energy to survive all day long. Losing weight can be simple arithmetic, but honestly it is very tricky. A gym instructor always says that the key to losing those extra pounds are:

  • eating in moderation
  • physical activity

In fact, you don’t need to spend money on fitness centers or sports centers to be in top shape. You can work out in the comfort of your own home and execute a number of simple exercises as long as you have the determination. Losing two pounds a week can be a good start, right?

Take a look at the various exercises that you can execute any time of the day.

  • Jumping rope Who doesn’t know how to skip rope? We used to play this activity when we were kids and it’s really fun. You can actually use any kind of rope as long as you can hop along with it. The majority of athletes use this form of exercise to strengthen their legs. This is one cardio activity that can give you instant results. Just imagine if you can do this for 30 minutes non-stop, you can burn at least 600 calories.
  • Jogging The simplest form of all exercises and all you need is a comfortable jogging shoes and you are ready to go. You don’t even have to go to the park in order to jog. Try jogging while watching television or listening to good music. It’s like running on a treadmill.
  • Stair sprinting Haven’t you noticed? Building administrators remind us that if you’ll be going on a second or third floor, why not use the stairs instead? Try doing this at home for two or three or even four repetitions a day and you can literally workout your lower body, giving you great legs and a firm rear. Just don’t concentrate too much on this activity since you need to combine this with sit ups, push ups, and squats.
  • Sit ups, squats, push ups We all think these exercises can define our legs, arms, abdomen, and can even correct body posture.  Pull out a mat or blanket and do the routine. If you have a can of unopened milk in your pantry, use this as your improvised weights too.

There are still other activities that you can think of to sweat. Essentially, all you need is a little creativity to add with your basic routines. Just remember that before and after every workout, a good warm up is advisable to stretch out those unused muscles. At the same time, don’t be in a hurry. Losing those extra calories might take a little longer so be happy and look forward to the day that you can fit in size zero.


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