How To Buy a Pair of Reading Glasses

Poor eyesight can cause a lot of hassle in your daily activities. Besides having to squint your eyes to see clearly, you may suffer headaches as well. Sometimes the pain at the area between your eyes may be caused by your eyes having a hard time adjusting. If you are almost 40 years old, you may experience a blur in your vision. This condition is called presbyopia. It decreases the ability of your eyes to adjust its focus on objects. If you are still young and you experience some irregularities in your vision, it could have resulted from using the computer too much or any kind of abuse to your eyes like reading without sufficient lighting and reading while moving. Your ophthalmologist will most likely require you to use a pair of reading glasses so be reminded of these tips when you buy them:

  • Be sure to schedule an eye exam. Before buying a pair of reading glasses, you should be sure what range your eyes would need to see clearly. Schedule a visit to your ophthalmologist instead of an optometrist. Your ophthalmologist can give you a thorough check-up with not only your vision but other conditions that can be associated with it as well. It would be better to be sure about your condition.
  • Buy only prescription reading glasses. Over the counter reading glasses cannot replace any prescription glasses. Why? Because OTC reading glasses usually have the same grade in both eye frames and you might have different grades for each eye, which is usually the case.
If you were diagnosed to have astigmatism, OTC reading glasses will not correct it. You have to follow the prescription your ophthalmologist has given you.

OTC reading glasses are usually one size and it should fit all but this is often not the case as each person has a different head frame size. Once you wear frames not your size, your pupil may not be on center and you will end up getting eye strain and imbalance.

  • Buy a good pair of frames. Select a lightweight frame. A heavier pair of glasses can leave marks on your nose bridge as it adds extra weight on it. It would be okay at first but imagine wearing those pair of glasses for long hours. It would be painful!
  • Get the best kind of glasses. There are two kinds of glasses for reading and computer glasses: the regular and the anti-glare. The main difference between these two kinds is that you won’t see the reflection of your eyes on the anti-glare glasses while you’re wearing them. Reflections are sometimes annoying and distract your vision if you’re not used to them.
  • Try your reading glasses on. Before purchasing your reading glasses, always try them on. Put them on and walk around to make sure you’re not getting dizzy or that the frame fits and it does not slip down your nose.

If your pair of glasses makes you dizzy after wearing them for a long time, go to your doctor to have it corrected. When the time comes that your glasses do not correct your eyesight anymore, schedule a follow up visit to your ophthalmologist, as your grade may have changed.


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