How To Buy a Used Wheelchair

Second-hand possessions are a lot cheaper than getting brand new ones. This is why people tend to patronize used products for them to be able to save money. From simple things like books and earrings, selling used things covers almost everything and can go as far as modern gadgets like computers and cars. Even a wheelchair is on the list. There is no question on how a wheelchair is useful to handicapped people. The help it gives to these people makes their daily routine a comfort. The convenience of moving up ramps and giving them lifts makes it a must-have for every handicapped person. However, the cost of a wheelchair is high. If the traditional ones are expensive, how much more can a mobility scooter, power chair, and lift chair cost? Due to this fact, people rely on just purchasing used wheelchairs. It is more practical than buying brand new ones.

Now, the question is where and how can you buy used wheelchairs? The answer is so simple. Take a glance at these hints:

  • Know the kind of wheelchair needed. Finding a cheap wheelchair doesn't mean that you just purchase what is available in second-hand stores. You need to get your money's worth. Your physician will definitely disclose to you what kind of wheelchair is needed - be it electric scooters or the manual ones.
  • Check the size of the wheelchair. Since most of the wheelchairs done today are customized in terms of size, you need to see first-hand if it will work for you.
  • Look for reputable stores. Don't look for the cheapest lift chair or power chair you see. Remember that it is always good to purchase them from reputable organizations like hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Why? Because these organizations follow certain standards and policy in reselling used wheelchairs.
  • Know the retail value of brand new chairs. Compare the price of the used wheelchair you are trying to purchase with its price on the market if it is sold brand new.
  • Know the age of the used wheelchair. It is a common rule in buying used wheelchairs that it should not be more than five years old. Though older chairs appear cheaper, their vulnerability to damage and breakdown is very high. There is no point in spending a few hundred dollars and then spending more money on replacement parts and accessories in a short time.
  • Inspect the wheelchair on sale for any damage. Purchase a wheelchair that is still in good condition. Check for damage in the chair and see if such damage can in any way affect the overall performance of the wheelchair. Damage in some accessories are fine; they can anyway be repaired. What is important is that the structure is still good, if not at its best. If you are purchasing electric scooters like a mobility scooter, make sure that the batteries are in good condition still. The best way to get an inspection is to hire a wheelchair technician. He or she has enough knowledge to see whether one is still good for daily use.

If you want to make sure you purchase a used wheelchair that is in good condition, make sure you take these tips into consideration.


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