How To Buy Cod Liver Oil

Children and adults had taken cod liver oil many generations ago. It is now making a comeback as it had been proven that cod liver oil has many benefits and help prevent and manage several ailments.  Cod liver oil, extracted from the livers of cod fish contain beneficial amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids that help prevent heart diseases, arthritis and cancer as well as depression, hyperactivity, ulcers and diabetes. It also boost you energy level and increase your concentration. It contains natural vitamins such as A and D, and also EPA and DHA. EPA helps relieves depression, reduces inflammation and prevent cardiovascular diseases while DHA helps maintain healthy skin, good nervous system and eyesight. If you have some ailments that you want to prevent with cod liver oil take a look at the tips below on how to buy cod liver oil.  

  • Consult your doctor and have a thorough physical checkup to see what ailments you have. Check with your doctor if taking cod liver oil will benefit you greatly. Although cod liver oil can be bought over the counter, it is best to check with your doctor first because there are still some risks involved in taking supplements.
  • Choose between oil or capsule forms. Cod liver oil is pale yellow in color and the one in liquid form will have a taste that can take some getting used to. If you do not like the fishy taste you should get those in capsule forms.
  • Ask your doctor for a blood test. Cod liver oil contains Vitamin D and there is always the risk of overdosing on Vitamin D. Know what other supplements you need to take with cod liver oil to counter and/or balance its effect on your body.
  • Cod liver oil can be bought in drugstores and health food stores. The best ones are those that come from cod fish caught in Nordic waters. You can also use cod liver oil in liquid form as salad dressing.
  • Check the amount of Vitamin D in the cod liver oil that you are going to buy. Check the recommended daily amount of vitamins your body needs based on your age. Children and those under the age of fifty only need two hundred units daily. Men over fifty require around four hundred units per day while women will need about six hundred units. There are brands of cod liver oil with excessive amounts of Vitamin D per teaspoon, like four thousand to five thousand units, which is way over the daily requirements.
  • Men in their mid-twenties only need about one thousand IU of Vitamin A while women in their mid-twenties need only about five hundred IU. There are brands of cod liver oil that contain about four thousand to five thousand points per teaspoon. It is best to always check the label.
  • Check consumer reviews on the different brands of cod liver oil. This will help you look for the best one to suit your nutritional requirement.

Check out the benefits and risks of taking cod liver oil. The benefits may outweigh the risks but it will be a great help to you to know the facts. You can read more information on cod liver oil and some comparisons at Healing Naturally by Bee.


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