How To Care for a Stye in the Eye

A stye is a common eye problem that is caused by a bacterial infection. Often times, when the oil glands around the eyelashes get clogged, a stye develops. This usually starts out as a tiny bump along the edge of the eyelid that is reddish and slightly resembles a pimple. A stye normally lasts for about three days. Getting an eye stye is not harmful or contagious. However, it can be very painful and may cause discomfort. The good thing about it is that it can be treated and there are a lot of ways on how to take care of a stye. The following are some of the tried and tested remedies for your eye stye:

  1. Check to make sure that you do have a stye. There are other eye conditions that can easily be mistaken for a stye such as a chalazion. This is a type of eye problem that occurs when an oil gland in the eyelid gets blocked and usually appears when a stye does not heal properly. It lasts longer than a stye and can sometimes stay on for a few months. Always make sure to consult your doctor first before trying to do anything to treat it on your own.
  2. Try applying a warm and wet compress into the eye for about three to six times a day. If you prefer to do it more often than that for comfort, you may do so. Applying warm or wet compress into the eye can help in the speeding up of the healing process by opening the pore that is being blocked to allow it to drain fully.
  3. You can also try using a tea bag that has been drenched in warm water to apply to your eye stye to shrink it. This is due to the tannic acid that can be found in tea.
  4. A poultice made from grated potato has been known to relieve the pain and alleviate the swelling. An aloe leaf, when its pulpy side is gently paced on the infected eye, can also relieve the pain due to its healing antiseptic properties.
  5. For an effective home remedy, boil coriander seeds and put a teaspoon of these in a cup of water. This is to be used as an eye rinse solution for about three to four times daily.
  6. Make sure that you do not pierce or squeeze the stye for this will worsen the infection. Let it open on its own. Consult your doctor immediately if the stye does not heal after a week.
  7. Always remember to wash your hands before and after you touch the stye to keep the bacteria from spreading.

Aside from these home remedies, there are medications available over the counter that can help relieve the pain and stop the itching, especially those with emollients like petroleum jelly that moisturize the eye. But maintaining good personal hygiene is always the best solution to prevent you from getting infections.


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